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Exclusive: Denise Richards opens up on first love, raising teenage girls and OnlyFans: 'Know your worth' 

The 51-year-old has been focusing on her own self-empowerment

denise richards
Rebecca Lewis
Rebecca LewisReporterLos Angeles
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Denise Richards is a busy woman; the actress is back on screens in new romantic comedy Love Accidentally and she's also raising two teenage daughters and focusing on her own self-empowerment through joining OnlyFans.

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When asked what she credits her long-lasting career - she began modeling in the early 1990s and found fame on the big screen in 1997 with Starship Troopers and later cult classics including Wild Thing and Drop Dead Gorgeous - Denise laughs, and admits she has "no idea".

WATCH: Love Accidentally trailer

"I am thankful to still be working, and to my fans quite frankly - I would not have a job without my fans, I always say this but I am so grateful," she tells HELLO!

Her new movie sees her playing the boss of two career-driven executives Alexa and Jason - played by Brenda Song and Aaron O'Connell - who are hoping to win a promotion. But when Alexa sends a text to a wrong number, the two spark up an anonymous relationship via text with neither aware of who the other really is.

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"I have always loved a romantic comedy even if it wasn't hip to love a romantic comedy," says Denise, adding that she thinks the genre has made a cool comeback because "people want to feel good".

The film plays on the faux pas of sending a text to the wrong number - something to which Denise says she can relate - but these days, the married mom-of-two is focusing on her own worth. She recently joined Only Fans and says that she has so far "really loved the experience".

denise richards film

Denise stars in the new FreeVee film

"I am so glad I joined and I wish I did it earlier, it reminds me of back in the day when you joined a fansite for whoever you were a fan of," she admits sharing that it allows her "a different way to communicate with fans and on a different level".

"It allows the creator to be their true and authentic selves, and supports them, and it's a safe environment and I am so glad to be on it," she added.

denise richaed shusband

Denise is married to Aaron Phyper

Denise joined the site, known for its not safe for work content, after her 18-year-old daughter Sami revealed she had a profile.

The 51–year-old is close to her two girls, although she laughs when asked if they watch her movies.

"They never watch anything I do," says Denise, "they were little when I forced them to watch some but I wouldn't have wanted to watch my parents in a movie!"

denise richards family

She is close with her two girls

Raising two teenage girls is hard enough as it is but Denise admits that she is already preparing for their first heartbreak. "It's hard, I will never forget my first love," she shares, "and when we broke up, I will never forget my Dad, when I was crying, he came into my room and said, 'I have to tell you this is not the first time you will feel like this,' and I thought, 'And this is supposed to make me feel better?'

"But he was right, and when you are older you have more wisdom and you get it, but at that age it's the end of the world.

"We are just getting into it with my girls but I get how difficult it is as a parent. I always tell my daughters to know your worth and demand respect and be kind."

Love, Accidentally is out on Amazon Freevee on 15 July.

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