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The Sandman: who is Nada and what did she do to Morpheus?

Warning, spoilers ahead for Netflix’s The Sandman

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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The Sandman fans have been loving the new series, but for those new to Neil Gaiman’s world of dreaming, there are many mysteries introduced by the show that hasn’t been explained just yet - and we would like answers!

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One such storyline is the mysterious appearance of Nada, a young woman trapped in Hell who recognises Morpheus, calling him 'Kai-ckul'. She asks him for forgiveness so that she can leave Hell after nearly 10,000 years spent there, but the Lord of Dreams doesn’t grant her the request, telling her she isn’t ready to forgive yet. So what’s it all about?

WATCH: Nada is trapped in Hell

In the graphic novels, Nada is a young woman who is the Queen of a city made of glass. Although she wishes to marry, none of her suitors impress her, before she accidentally sees Morpheus, who goes by Kai-ckul, and falls in love with him at first sight.

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Nada goes to great lengths to discover who the mysterious man is, eventually eating a magical berry that is said to transport the eater to the place of the person they love. She then discovered that he was the King of dreams, and for the first time, Morpheus falls in love with a mortal.

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Morpheus still doesn't forgive Nada in the show

However, their relationship meant chaos for the glass city, as the sun sent a ball of fire to destroy it in protest over the unnatural relationship between a human and Morpheus. Nada is devastated by the destruction they have inadvertently caused and kills herself, with it being revealed that Dream’s sibling Desire planted the idea all along in the hopes of destroying him

Morpheus offered to marry Nada and make her the Queen of the Dreaming. When Nada refuses, he imprisons her in Hell, where she still remains by season one of the TV show. So will we be seeing more of her story in season two? We hope so!

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