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Prince William’s red carpet moment and squeezing into an elevator with Naomi Campbell: here's what you didn't see at the BAFTAs

Here's what went down at the BAFTA Film Awards

Prince William’s red carpet moment and squeezing into an elevator with Naomi Campbell: here's what you didn't see at the BAFTAs
Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Hi, I’m Emmy, the TV and Film Editor at HELLO!, and this is what happened when I attended the BAFTAs on Sunday. And when I say Sunday, I mean all day Sunday. For anything that thinks the BAFTAs are a swift affair, let me tell you all about it…

I woke up late on Sunday morning after a thrilling game of Settlers of Catan went on until 2.30 am, and my weekend suddenly took on a very different vibe. From arguing over lumber trade over a Chinese takeaway, it was now time to glam up. 

With unusual foresight, I had been in touch with the lovely folks at Nadine Merabi to loan me an outfit for the occasion - and loved the glittery trousers and corset top ensemble that they had kindly sent to me. The only issue was that I would be on the red carpet for approximately 263 hours, and the trousers were a tight affair. 

Terrible skort/Catan boardgame not pictured
Terrible skort/Catan boardgame not pictured

Simple, I thought, I’d just wear the top with different bottoms, then swap them out later. A wardrobe crisis of drastic proportions ensued, and I eventually opted for a pleated mini skort and looked like I was trying to be punk chic aged 32. So much for foresight. 

But I digress. I arrived at the red carpet, glitzy trousers tucked safely in my trusty Fjällräven backpack, and found my spot on the red carpet. Fortunately, it was right by where the celebs were having their official photos taken, chatting to the BAFTA red carpet hosts Alex Zane and Clara Amfo, and milling around for chitchats. Unfortunately, I was sharing a one-person space with four other journalists. However, they were a lovely bunch and we made a good team.

David Tennant and Georgia Tennant attend the 2024 EE BAFTA Film Awards at The Royal Festival Hall on February 18, 2024 in London, England© Mike Marsland
I saw A LOT of David Tennant - he was a social butterfly on the red carpet

There comes a point of every red carpet where you lose all inhibitions and just become a bit shameless. Initially, you’re hoping that someone will pop over for a chat, and then as the hours go by, and the celebs arrive and leave thick and fast, you’re shouting for them to come over and say hello. 

Fortunately, this tactic worked very well with the likes of Andrew Scott, Paul and Nell Mescal, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Alison Oliver and Richard E Grant. Morfydd Clark also said hi and gave a little bit of info about Rings of Power season two (they've finished filming)! Congratulations to you all, you are now my all-time favourites no matter what. I do think Andrew might have slightly regretted wearing all red to the day though - we spotted him instantly every time he was in our vicinity - he was dressed like a moving target! 

Andrew Scott having no choice but to say hello at this point
Andrew Scott having no choice but to say hello at this point

So let me think, who else did I see? Lily Collins looked gorgeous in a black velvet dress adorned with ornate silver roses, Margot Robbie was even more beautiful in real life, if possible, in a black and pink gown (but ignored our shouts of ‘Hi Barbie!’ - either she didn’t hear or she’s just over it at this point), and Ryan Gosling looked otherworldly handsome in a cream suit - I also just about saw Bradley Cooper through the throng of attendees.

Lily Collins looking stunning on the red carpet
Lily Collins looking stunning on the red carpet

Suddenly, the red carpet cleared out (it was packed before, these celebs come with some serious entourage), and we were told a “special guest” was about to arrive. “You mean Prince William?” I asked somewhat grumpily. Honestly, it had been over three hours and I had no time for riddles. I was also hungry. 

Prince William’s appearance cheered me up - he looked great in a blue velvet jacket and while he made quick work of walking through, waving at the crowds and going inside - I’m really glad he made the effort to come along to the event when things are difficult with his family life right now. I did miss seeing Princess Kate though, I think he always looks much happier when she’s by his side. Wishing her a big get-well soon! 

Prince William at the 2024 BAFTAs© Getty
Prince William attends the 2024 BAFTAs

Anyway, back to the BAFTAs. After Prince William’s appearance, everything wrapped up quite quickly. We had to wait until the last celeb (Rosamund Pike, having a fabulous time) went inside before we were taken to the winner’s press conference. While riding in the elevator, it stopped and none other than NAOMI CAMPBELL and her entourage joined us. 

For one bizarre moment, I recalled the film The Devil Wears Prada and wondered whether I should leave the lift and apologise, but we all stayed and went deadly, hilariously silent for the rest of the journey. I assumed we were all having our inner freakouts. My one was all about the fact that my grubby backpack was actually touching her dress and there was nothing I could do about it. Sorry, Naomi! 

My arrival with accursed backpack that touched Naomi Campbell
My arrival with accursed backpack that touched Naomi Campbell

The winner’s press conference was approximately 200 degrees, but honestly, at that point, I was just grateful to have a charging port and a chair. We watched the show in real-time, which sometimes means that you get to see the ‘oh no’ moments that don’t make it to airing a couple of hours later, but everything went smoothly. 

I loved Sophie’s Murder on the Dancefloor performance so much… wasn’t too sure about Ted Lasso star Nick Mohammed’s ‘Mr Swallow’ skit, but each to their own! Michael J Fox also got his round of applause from us at the conference, what an amazing man. 

Sophie Ellis-Bextor performs 'Murder on the Dance Floor' on stage during the EE BAFTA Film Awards 2024 at The Royal Festival Hall on February 18, 2024 in London, England© Joe Maher/BAFTA
Sophie Ellis-Bextor performs 'Murder on the Dance Floor'

In the press conference, hosted by Ali Plumb (always lovely), we got chatting with some of the winners. Emma Stone was a particular highlight, and quickly pointed out how hot it was in the room (one of us, one of us), and was delighted to learn the word ‘chinwag’! Cillian Murphy was also wonderful, as was Christopher Nolan. Da’Vine Joy Randolph got the most laughs though, and I’m so happy that she won for The Holdovers, it was so well deserved. 

WATCH: Emma Stone says she’s had a “chinwag” with Cillian Murphy following BAFTAs win

Robert Downey Jr was a no-show, as was BAFTA Rising Star winner Mia McKenna-Bruce (though we were reliably informed it was because she’d been on the phone with her mum and dad, forgiven)! When I finally - at long last - went to change into my glittery trousers, I also spotted Kaya Scodelario in the bathroom being fun and fabulous and catching up with a friend. 

After the conference, I had some time before the afterparty and I think accidentally gatecrashed the huge BAFTA dinner while trying to find an exit, with the backpack striking again as I lumbered between tables of people dressed up to the nines trying to find my way out. 

Ready for some afterparty fun
Ready for some afterparty fun

After some noodles and a ‘chinwag’ with my colleague, stopping to say hi to Michelle Keegan (I interviewed her in November for Fool Me Once and she noticed I’d had my hair cut, what a lovely human being), we were ready for the afterparty. It was so much fun, full of jester entertainers, cocktails and champagne, live music and an absolute millennial dream playlist of garage and early Noughties pop hits.

To conclude, there wasn’t a dull moment and the day was a fabulous one - but the BAFTA-branded champagne waiting for us at the party was a very welcome sight! 

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