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Richard Gadd in Baby Reindeer© Ed Miller/Netflix

7 TV shows to watch if you binge-watched Baby Reindeer

Need to fill the void after watching Baby Reindeer?

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
May 8, 2024
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Baby Reindeer was a critically acclaimed smash hit for Netflix after landing on the streaming platform in April. The drama follows the true story of an aspiring comedian who struggles when he begins to be relentlessly stalked by an obsessive fan - leading to him being forced to face other traumas in his life, including being groomed and sexually assaulted. 

If the show has you craving more hard-hitting dramas and stories that will stay with you long after turning the TV off, we have you covered. Here are just some of the TV shows and movies that are worth watching if you enjoyed Baby Reindeer. 

Misery is a Stephen King adaptation

Misery - MGM on Amazon Prime

Our only movie on the list is Misery, an adaptation of the hit novel by Stephen King. The author has written an essay about his love of Baby Reindeer, while likening it to his creation about a man’s experience with an obsessive fan. 

In this case, the story follows successful novelist Paul, who has a car crash and is saved by his ‘number one fan’ who loves his historical series about a woman named Misery. With his injuries leaving him trapped in her home, he soon realises that she is seriously disturbed, and his only option to survive is to write her a novel about her beloved heroine.

Stephen Graham in The Virtues

The Virtues - Channel 4

Starring Stephen Graham, The Virtues examines the aftermath of male sexual assault after Joseph suffers a nervous breakdown and relapses into alcoholism after his ex-partner moves to Australia with their son. As such, Joseph travels to Ireland to find answers for his repressed past. Like Baby Reindeer, it is an unflinching, devastating look at the impact of abuse and a hard-hitting yet essential watch.

American Vandal on Netflix

American Vandal - Netflix

American Vandal is a satirical show where two teenagers investigate goings on within high school in a style reminiscent of your classic true crime documentary. While season one delved into the mystery of who spray painted penis on the teaching staff’s cars, season two looks at who put laxatives in the school’s lemonade. 

While the premise is, of course, a silly one, much like Baby Reindeer, both shows ultimately use comedy to showcase issues including abuse of power, blackmail and other serious social issues.

Dopesick poster

Dopesick - Disney+

This true story looks at the beginning of the USA’s opioid epidemic, as the company behind the drug used lies and deceit to get their drug over the line, despite it being highly addictive. 

Their horrific conduct led to a terrible fallout for people who became addicted to the pain medication and examined the failings of the government to help. The ineffectiveness of authority is also very evident in Baby Reindeer, with Richard Gadd calling for reform on the way the police handle stalking cases in the UK.

I May Destroy You

I May Destroy You - BBC iPlayer

Like in Baby Reindeer, Michaela Coel’s critically acclaimed show I May Destroy You showcases police ineffective when it comes to male violence, in this case when Arabella’s close friend Kwame is assaulted by another man on a date and attempts to report it to the police. 

The show itself looks at forms of sexual assault and the destructive impact it has on victims, as Arabella is drugged and raped on a night out, and struggles to piece her life back together after the attack.

What Jennifer Did on Netflix

What Jennifer Did - Netflix

The Netflix documentary looks at Jennifer Pan, a Canadian woman who was convicted of conspiring to kill her parents in 2010. 

The documentary is a fascinating insight into the investigation into the case, as well as Jennifer’s difficult upbringing. Like Baby Reindeer, the true story looks at a somewhat unusual incident of a female perpetrator.

Puppet Master documentary on Netflix

The Puppet Master - Netflix

This unusual documentary looks at a con man who pretends to be an agent to convince people to follow his plans and give him tens of thousands of pounds of their own money. 

One of the most unusual things about it is that the man in question, Robert, is still at large, and in a relationship with a woman who has since cut off all contact with her family, including her two concerned children who appear in the series.

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