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'I was never considered a typical beauty': L'Oreal's new girl Lea Michele opens up

September 28, 2012
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She was recently announced as L'Oreal’s new campaign girl – a choice that left Lea Michele stunned. The actress, who is the new face of the beauty brand, revealed that she couldn't believe it when she landed the gig, insisting she is not a "typical beauty". "That they would look at me and consider me is unbelievable," the modest star told WWD magazine.

"It's so amazing for me because I'm from New York and growing up I was never really considered the typical beauty," she continued. "So the fact that I am now the face of such an incredible company and brand is so awesome." The 26-year-old Glee star also went on to chat about the hit TV series that put her on the map, praising it for portraying "inner beauty". "I'm on the fourth season of my television show which is probably the most near and dear (to me)," said the singer, who is dating her co-star Cory Monteith in real life. "I really think that it's been such a blessing to be on a TV show that portrays inner beauty as well as external beauty."

Lea also opened up her make-up bag, revealing that she loves L’Oreal’s mascaras and their eye make-up remover. "I'm obsessed with their eye make-up remover, Clean Artiste – it's incredible. I've been using their EverCreme shampoos for such a long time and their mascaras are the ebst mascaras in the world." And her top beauty tip? Washing the face. Lea recommends cleansing thoroughly and reveals she avoids make-up when she’s not working "to give my skin a chance to breathe".

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