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A defining feature: How to shape strong, sultry brows

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Well-defined eyebrows add strength to the face shape and frame the eye with fantastic expressions, so it's no wonder that this statement of beauty essential has taken centre stage among many famous faces. Gone are those painfully plucked lines as we find ourselves envious of the strong brows that make model Cara Delevingne's trademark look.

Strong Eyebrows

Extra large, intense and sometimes, slightly dishevelled, this natural look is made to suit any face shape. But for making the best out of your features, experts from award-winning beauty tools brand Tweezerman have given us the secrets to finding the most flattering arch depending on the contours of your face.


This face shape suits all kinds of eyebrows so you may find you have very little maintenance to do. But, for the most flattering look, focus on a gentle angle where the brow line is at its highest point. 


Ideally, eyebrows that are rising will give more height to the face making it appear more in proportion to the rest of your features. A high arch will also draw your eyes upwards making them appear larger and more awake.


Strong brows and horizontal lines are the most suitable as they make the face shorter and look more oval. 


 A square jaw can be balanced with an equally strong brow. The objective is to break up the features of your face with eyebrows formed in a perfect triangle. 


To emphasise the feminine look of your face use the point of your narrower chin as a marker of how rounded your brows should be. To determine where the brow should begin, place a pencil straight up from the side of the nostril. They should end with a pencil held diagonally against the outer corner of the eye pointing up to the brow bone. The brow should extend slightly beyond the eye at which point it should taper down.

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