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Little Mix's Perrie and Jade talk style, skincare and staying in shape with HELLO! Online

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Girlband Little Mix, who won the X Factor in 2011, are known for having fun with their wardrobes, showing off individual styles that have secured them fashion fans around the world. So it's no surprise that the ladies have ventured into design, teaming up with Elegant Touch to launch their own range of nail wrap in New Look stores. Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jade Thirlwall all created their own individual wraps according to their sense of style, and to celebrate the launch Perrie and Jade took some time out to chat all things style, beauty and Little Mix with HELLO! Online. Skincare regime… P: I use Lancome on my face, all the time. I use the cream to remove my makeup and I use the eye remover. It's all like quite natural so it's really good for my skin, because I get allergic to things quite easily. I also make sure I take off my makeup and I've got to watch what I eat because I start getting spots. J: It's important to look after my skin. We get tired so easily, especially doing what we do. I always cleanse and moisturise properly.

Beauty rules… J: My beauty rule is one or the other. If I have a heavy eye I probably won't have a bright lip and vice versa. If I have a bright lip I'll usually just have a five-second eyeliner, just because I've only got a little face! When everything is on all at once, it's a bit much! In this industry, you sometimes feel like you have to wear lots and lots of make-up and it ends up looking caked now. There were a few times on the X Factor when I felt like that. Getting ready… P: Jessie takes the longest! She has so much hair! J: Jessie takes the longest to get ready. It's probably because she has a lot of hair! Perrie is definitely the quickest because she's in and out straight away. Creating the nail wraps… P: We wanted to kind of get our individual personalities across. So that every different girl who wants to wear them can be like, 'Oh, I like those ones because that's more me.' My nails are magic ball-like with cosmic glitter. They've got a bit of tie-dye in the middle and they're really glittery with stars on. J: We had a meeting, and one of the first stages was just looking at all the different ones, literally we picked everything gold! We wanted to make sure that everything about it is lovely. They're quite fun. I've got a daytime look and a more night-time look, plus stick-on ones which are black and gold. I wanted it to incorporate my love for bows and I wanted to make it quite trendy.

Fashion faux-pas… P: There were some things on the X Factor maybe that I wouldn't have worn. But we were that stressed to get the performance on the vocals that we didn't really mind what we wore, so it was kind of last minute. I think a few of the things I've seen I didn't really like. J: I had a fashion faux-pas on the X Factor. I was given an all in one leotard to wear for a performance. It was hideous, I looked like Mr Motivator! You know when people say, 'Oh, at least you liked it at the time'? I didn't even like it at the time! You've got to look back and laugh about these things. I think everyone does. Everyone goes through stages when you look back and you're like 'Why?', but it's all part of growing up and coming to terms with what is and what isn't me. Style inspiration… P: I've got my hippie boho side, quite 80s, which I get from Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell and then I've got my rocky side from my dad. I think my sense of style has stayed the same since I've been in the public eye, but I think it's just a bit more emphasised now. Healthy eating… P: Some days I think I will eat more healthily, and then I'll see a cake, or a pie, or something really unhealthy and I think 'I don't know if I can do it!'. I have to eat it. I'm a big lover food. J: We eat quite healthily. We try to eat fruit and veg every day. We eat chocolate, and we eat bad things. I don’t feel bad if I eat it, I just try and stay healthier. Staying in shape… P: We're always on the go, so that kind of makes up for me never exercising! It's not like we're always sitting down – we're also on the move or dancing and performing. J: We do a lot of dancing, which really helps. And whenever I'm at home I'll go to the gym where I live. Try and not eat rubbish and drink water all the time. That's my main thing really, staying hydrated. Being in the public eye… P: It's just something you have to do. It doesn't get me down – I just take it on the chin. The best thing about being in a group as well is that you've got each other. So it's always good laughs and giggles. It's always good fun. Making it internationally… J: How Ya Doin'? is out on radio and it's also going to be released pretty soon. And we're also going back to America, when the album's released over there. Also Italy and France… This year's mostly about trying to make it internationally. We've got lots coming up so it's going to be a very busy but exciting year.

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