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Jennifer Aniston: 'Justin hijacks my beauty products!'

March 24, 2014
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Jennifer Aniston has revealed that her fiancé Justin Theroux likes to use her beauty and skincare products.

"It's hysterical. What product doesn't he try to hijack?" the actress laughed during an interview with E! Online."

He's good to his skin, that's for sure. It's always, 'What are you using, what is that?' It's cute."

Jennifer, who was recently announced as the face of beauty brand Aveeno, also revealed that she shares the products with her friends, including TV talk show host Chelsea Handler. "I always share, especially with Chelsea," she said. 

Despite being known for her stunning physique, Jennifer recently revealed that she would love to trade bodies with supermodel

Gisele Bundchen


"I'd love to be able to ski like a crazy person", Jennifer says, before adding, "Then I'd also like to have Gisele’s body, just 'cause, why not?"Known for keeping her private life quiet, Jennifer’s interview also touched upon her love of food, her Sunday morning routine, puppies, and positivity."

The food I love so much that if I dropped it on the floor I’d eat it anyway is a nacho," she declares, before disclosing her recipe: "I fry the chips myself. Just take a tortilla, cut it into triangles, and throw them in coconut oil."

Confirming her dislike of selfies, Jennifer declared she would rather give up Mexican food for a year than take a selfie, disclosing that she doesn’t "understand them".At 11 am on a Sunday, she can be found "eating eggs and a bagel and reading the paper. I start with the front page, then the travel section, arts and leisure or the calendar."

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