Truth Serum

HELLO!’s health and beauty editor Nadine Baggott puts Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique serum to the test with three of our readers to prove her belief that serums are essential to great skin

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I have been a health and beauty journalist for 20 years, and in that time I have learned some simple skincare truths; eat well, sleep well, protect your skin from the sun and, for me, a great serum is essential. So when I recently discovered that the majority of women still do not use a serum, I was really keen to find out why.


I joined forces with one of my favourite beauty brands, Lancôme, and found three HELLO! readers who are what I call serum sceptics – in other words they have never used one.

Each woman has a different skin type and all three have completely different lifestyles. I chose them because I wanted them to discover Advanced Génifique and agree with me that no matter what your age, skin colour, lifestyle or skincare regime, a serum is the first step to great skin. Why? Because it is formulated specifically to be absorbed immediately, hydrating the cells quickly so the results can be seen right away.

“A lot of people are still confused as to what is the difference between a serum and a moisturiser,” explains Lancôme’s scientific director Katriona Methven. “They are not sure where a serum fits into your everyday regime.

“Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique works in a different way to a moisturiser; it is applied to freshly cleansed skin morning and night in a measured dose. It works across multiple skin ages, types and tones and for all lifestyles.

“Advanced Génifique took 14 years to develop, and has seven patents, so it is a great go-to serum for all skin types and ages. Inspired by gene science, we looked at how skin of all ages behaves and formulated a serum to target ten signs of ageing; fine lines and deep wrinkles, elasticity and texture, clarity, firmness, even skin tone and dryness, radiance and tonicity. Right away, you should notice skin that feels softer, smoother and more hydrated. Clinical tests have shown that skin looks brighter and wrinkles appear reduced. That’s why it’s Lancôme’s No. 1 selling serum worldwide.”

So, with that glowing recommendation in mind, I wanted to put Lancôme’s Advanced Génifique to the test and gave it to my three HELLO! serum sceptics to see if it could change their minds and their skin. Read HELLO! in two weeks’ time to discover how we got on…

Meet Our Serum Sceptics

Ellie Cotter, 25

Burns the candle at both ends, living and working in London as a TV researcher

Skin Secrets

“I suffer from slightly sensitive, dry skin but I work hard and play hard. I often fall into bed with make-up on or just have a quick wipe with a cleansing cloth. I have never thought of using a serum because I think they are for older women more concerned with anti-ageing, but a rich cream can leave my skin feeling greasy, so maybe a serum could work for me?”

Lehvashnee Sequeira, 37

Experiencing life as a first-time mum to Nenah, sleepless nights are starting to take their toll

Skin Secrets

“I do not have time to look after myself any more – I am sleep deprived and have to fit everything around my four-month-old daughter. For the first time my friends are starting to say I look tired and I can feel that my skin is suffering, looks dull and a bit grey. Can I find a serum that is like eight hours’ sleep in a bottle?”

Tina Van Breugel, 48

Leads a busy life juggling the demands of a business whilst being a mum to three teenagers

Skin Secrets

“I absolutely adore skin products. I have quite an indulgent routine as I cleanse morning and night every day. I use an eye cream and a day and night cream. I also exfoliate twice a week and love masques; but I’ve never really used a serum before because I’m not really sure what they can offer my skin. Will it tackle my fine lines?”

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