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Top tips for staying refreshed and energised

January 13, 2015
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Nowadays 'tired' has become an almost automatic response for lots of people when asked how they are. Our hectic schedules can often leave us feeling drained and run down, and sometimes a good night's sleep doesn't even cut it. Dr Nigma Talib, one of the world's top naturopathic doctors, shared her top tips for staying refreshed and energised with HELLO! Online, from drinking herbal tea to what foods you should be including in a healthy diet. Scroll below to see her top tips...

When you're stressed, focus on your breathing to help you calm down
Stay hydrated

A hectic schedule could mean you forget to get your water intake in. Carry a water bottle with you everywhere so you don't forget. In the winter, boost your hydration with herbal teas, and when it starts to get warmer, switch these for cold pressed juices.

Make sure you do some exercise, even if it's not intense

Start with an exercise you love – it doesn't matter if you start slowly, it doesn't mean you won't see results. Some exercise is better than none, and it will increase the blood flow to your skin, keeping you looking fresh and feeling invigorated.

Use your breathing to stay calm and energised

If you feel your energy drop, inhale and exhale through your nose whilst keeping your mouth shut. Take deep breaths, 3 times in a row, for 15 seconds. You will almost immediately feel refreshed and energised.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is full of sugar and calories with no nutritional value which can cause you to gain weight. If you do drink, try diluting wine with spritzers and drinking water throughout the night. If you wake up with a hangover, drink coconut water, as this is great for rehydration. Also, a chilled ginger tea can be soothing and can help relieve nausea. Have some alcohol free days to avoid making drinking a habit.

Try and fit exercise into your schedule even if it's nothing too intense
Eat 4-6 small meals throughout the day

This will balance your blood sugar throughout the day and allow your metabolism to work for you. Choose rich foods packed with vitamins and antioxidants such as hearty soups, colourful vegetables, fish, turkey, chicken and eggs. This will help you crave less unhealthy foods and keep you from feeling hungry.

Don't skip breakfast

This is the most important meal of the day – it is the fuel that gives you energy, keeps your blood sugar levels regular and helps to prevent stomach bloating and sugar cravings. Try a bowl of porridge topped with almonds, nut butters or ground flaxseeds. Alternatively, smoothies can be great for breakfast or as a snack, but make sure they include a combination of vegetables or fruit.

Take care of your skin

Use sun protection every day, even during the winter. Even if you're outdoors for just five minutes, you're being affected by UVA rays which damage the skin. Exfoliate 2-3 times a week as this will help reduce and prevent wrinkles, blackheads and lower your risk of breakouts.

Get your daily intake of vitamins

Eat foods including whole grains, avocado, nuts, seeds and red meat for your Vitamin B fix, which help healthy muscles, hair, and healthy digestion. Foods including salmon, carros, broccoli and vegetable oils are also great for reducing signs of ageing and keeping you looking fresh.

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