Thinking of starting a celebrity-endorsed Teatox? Stick to green tea instead

With the indulgent festive period well and truly behind us, many of us are looking to detox our bodies.

And there's a slew of celebrities promoting detox teas on Instagram. Kourtney Kardashian was the latest star to tap into the trend on the social media channel.


These 'teatoxes', which contain a small amount of natural laxative Senna, promise a quick way to burn fat and lose weight. But are they totally safe?

"I would be wary of using laxative type teas that claim to detox, unless under the watchful eye of someone who is knowledgeable about the herbs found in such teas," says nutritionist and Clipper Green Tea Ambassador Rosemary Ferguson.


"Laxative teas do not necessarily detox you. They can be helpful with constipation and a slow bowel, but if that is not an issue they may lead to a fast transit time and a loss of absorption of nutrients."

Instead, try adding cups of green tea to your diet.

"Drinking green tea is a great way to detox," says Rosemary. "High antioxidants in green tea help the liver to cleanse, which leads to a cleaner system overall.

"The knock-on effect of this is clearer skin, shinier hair and a feeling of vitality. The antioxidants that you find in green tea mop up the toxins that are in our system and stop them causing damage to our body and skin."

Toxins such as free radicals, which come from pretty much everywhere: eating and drinking, stress, UV, pollution and even chemicals in the food chain.


"Antioxidants stop free radical damage in its tracks," says Rosemary. "There are lots of skin products that now boast high antioxidant content but in the same way you can hydrate from the inside out."

What's more, it will give you that much-needed boost you need during a detox.

"When you're detoxing, you can often feel a little tired and lacklustre. Green tea has a very low level of caffeine, but just enough to give you a lift! The caffeine is so low in green tea that you will not be exhausting your adrenal glands by drinking a cup of it, but it is just enough to help you feel alert and positive."