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'It gets like a brillo pad': Leonardo DiCaprio talks about the troubles of keeping a beard

leonardo dicaprio2  © Photo: Getty Images
Ainhoa Barcelona
Content Managing Editor
January 8, 2016
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In the lead-up to awards season Leonardo DiCaprio is looking trim and well-groomed. Gone are the days of his heavy beard, which he kept for his role in new drama The Revenant. Instead the Academy Award nominee is focusing on maintaining a "light stubble".

"I don't think I'll ever have a beard like that ever again, unless it's for a role," Leonardo said during an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

"It's hard to maintain, stuff gets in there, you're eating and then food falls in. You have to shampoo it," he added. "I did put conditioner in because you want it to be soft, otherwise it gets like a brillo pad."

leonardo dicaprio1 © Photo: Getty Images

"I did put conditioner in because you want it to be soft, otherwise it gets like a brillo pad," said Leonardo DiCaprio

"If you have good enough friends, they notify you if you have mustard on your beard or something like that," he joked.

Leonardo, who grew his beard for six months and then decided to keep it for another year, plays the leading role in The Revenant, a thriller about a man who is mauled by bears and left for dead during an 1820s fur trading expedition.

leonardo dicaprio2  © Photo: Getty Images

The 41-year-old grew his thick beard for his role in The Revenant 

The actor has received a Golden Globe and BAFTA nomination for his role, which saw Leonardo channel an uncharacteristically feral look.

Speaking about his frozen beard, Leonardo said: "That was actually wax. We had a fantastic make-up artist who did all the stuff and it was wax that she dribbled all over my face every day. It was about a four, five hour make-up job every day with all the scars."

"So again it was just a joy," he joked.

The star has been nominated for a BAFTA and a Golden Globe this year

Daredevil Leonardo, who has swum with sharks, also spoke about the terrifying time he went skydiving and his parachute failed to open.

"I jumped out of the airplane. And then my first shoot didn't open," he said. "They cut, it's tandem so somebody's on your back and they cut that line. We started free falling towards earth and that's when you get the eight by ten glossies of your whole life flashing before your eyes.

"And then the second one was tangled as well and I saw all of my friends sort of popping off with their parachutes and I'm still plummeting toward planet earth. And then that was tangled for about a good, I don't know, 20, 30 seconds.

"And then he untangled it and then he told me, 'Oh you're probably going to break your legs now because this, we're going too fast.' So it was one of the worst experiences of my life and I'll never do it again."

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