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The 6 rules of ageing according to a renowned cosmetic doctor

aa ageing
Alex Light
Alex LightBody Work Columnist
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There has been much talk about the term 'anti-ageing' recently, after US publication Allure banned the word from their magazine. And Dr Jules Nabet, a renowned cosmetic doctor, agrees, deeming ageing 'inevitable'.He does, however, have a list of six rules to follow to slow down the ageing process and ensure your skin stays as youthful as possible...1. Don't dietAgeing is not only down to genetics and environment; it's also sped up by hormonal and metabolic shifts, so our general health and diet are also factors in how we age.

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Dr Nabet recommends avoid any fad or yo-yo diets 

Skin needs moisture and protection but it also needs a balanced diet with a good source of protein - fad and yo-yo diets wreak havoc with the skin.Supplements are a great idea but keep in mind that they are there to supplement a healthy diet, not a quick fix for a bad diet.2. Avoid overdoing itInjectables - botox and fillers - can make you look younger by smoothing lines and wrinkles, improving contours and lifting key areas, but if you are doing it all and doing it too much, it can lead to an unnatural look.Small doses are key, as are natural-looking enhancements, so we can keep our own expressions and unique quirks. Too many injectables can lead to a puffy look.3. Focus on your eyesOur eye area can have a biological age of 20 years older than the rest of the face because of the delicate and thinner skin. However, this is often the area that is neglected.Use a tiny amount of eye cream and apply in tapping motions to aid lymphatic drainage. You could also try an anti-allergy tablet as often allergies are the unknown cause of puffy eyes. You could also consider sleeping on your back with an extra pillow so that water retention doesn't increase in the eye area overnight.

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When it comes to preventative measures, focus on the eye area

4. Be careful when you cleanseYou need to make sure you don't irritate your skin while cleansing - scrubbing until it is clean can do so and accelerate skin ageing. Gentle washing helps ton remove pollution, make-up and dirt without irritating.5. Take a magnesium supplementMagnesium helps improve your skin's overall appearance, reducing acne-prone skin and other skin disorders such as spider veins, redness or rosacea by lowering cortisol levels and stabilising hormonal imbalances. This, in turn, improves cell turnover, resulting in clearand even skin tone.6. Accept ageing is inevitableMany women go to extreme lengths to fight the ageing process, using surgery, excessive exercise and expensive anti-ageing products, only to result in disappointment.Acceptance is the key to a healthy and happy ageing process, all while talking care of yourself through a good diet, sleep, exercise and aesthetic treatments that really do work and help us keep what we have for as long as we can.Dr Jules Nabet is a cosmetic doctor and Medical Director at Omniya Knightsbridge,

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