7 easy beauty hacks for autumn-ready hair and skin

We have some overnight tips and tricks to ensure your hair and skin stays as healthy as possible in the colder months...

Alex Light

As the mercury drops, beauty problems like dry skin, chapped lips and brittle hair start to cause a problem. But there are many ways to help autumn-proof your hair and skin – we spoke to online hair and beauty retailer to get the best tips and tricks out there…

1. Use a silk pillowcase

This is a simple tip that really helps to avoid hair breakage and damage while you toss and turn during the night. There have also been claims that a silk pillowcase helps to minimise breakfast and prevent wrinkles, too, so you’ll be treating your hair and your skin.


2. Apply coconut oil to your face

Is your skin looking or feeling dry and tired? Make sure it gets a good dose of hydration by applying coconut oil and leaving it to soak in overnight. Not only does it smell great, it ensures silky smooth skin.

3. Coat the ends of your hair with coconut oil

If you have damaged or frizzy hair, applying coconut oil to the ends can be a game-changer. The oil works by penetrating hair at the very core to smooth and repair each strand, leaving your locks feeling soft, strong and smelling gorgeous.

4. Apply a nourishing oil to your lips

Exfoliate your lips to get rid of any dead skin, and then apply a generous coat of your favourite lip balm (our personal favourite is the Elizabeth Arden 8-Hour Cream), olive oil or almond oil before going to bed. This is a great way to treat chapped lips.

5. Put your eye cream in the fridge

Store your eye cream in the fridge overnight and apply it cool in the morning– the cooling effect works to de-puff and soothe early morning eye bags… It also helps to prolong the life of your (probably very expensive!) product, too.

6. Apply tea tree oil

Do you suffer from breakouts in the colder months? It might be worth pre-empting blemishes by applying generous amounts of tea tree oil to problematic areas of your face and body before you go to sleep… It helps to dry out oily areas in a gentle way.

7. Drink water before bed

Drinking a large glass of water before bed helps to keep your skin hydrated throughout the night. De-hydrated skin is often the cause for full complexions, so give yourself a gorgeous glow by keeping topped up – it’s easy and doesn’t cost you a thing.