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Why Emmy Rossum swears by the power of beauty oils

The actress is a big fan of natural cosmetics

Emmy Rossum red carpet
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Emmy Rossum loves to incorporate oil-based products into her daily beauty regime. The Mystic River actress' flawless skin and signature brunette tresses always ensure she stands out on the red carpet, as do her glamorous fashion choices. While Emmy's busy schedule means she doesn't have much time to commit to skincare, she has now shared that facial oils are a key element of her routine.

"A lot of people are scared of oil, but I like it when I get on a plane and in the afternoon when your make-up starts to feel a little bit cakier (sic) on your face to kind of put it on your cheekbones," she told "I also like oil everywhere. I like it on cuticles and elbows and anywhere."

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Emmy Rossum red carpet

Emmy Rossum is a big fan of natural cosmetics

Emmy suffered from bouts of acne in her teenage years and twenties, and she is certain that using oils has helped heal her complexion. However, she will still use Mario Badescu's famed Drying Lotion if she feels a blemish forming. "(For acne, I like) Mario Badescu - that old fashion pink stuff that I still use. Also, just learning you really have to use a towelette to remove all of the make-up and to not go to bed with make-up on," the 31-year-old said.

Meanwhile, Emmy is a big fan of using natural cosmetics and has recently signed on as a brand ambassador for Burt's Bees new beauty collection. In particular, the Shameless star is a fan of using a little blush or gentle lip colour to complement her outfits. "(I've) used the lightly tinted pink rose lip balm for years so when I found out they were doing a whole beauty collection I was pretty excited," she added.

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