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Exclusive: Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews introduce their son to the world

This is the first child for the couple

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January 7, 2019
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Ever since they welcomed baby son Theodore Matthews into their lives, Vogue Williams and Spencer Matthews have completely been enamoured with family life. "We are bursting with love," new mum Vogue revealed to HELLO!  in September 2018. "It is almost hard to remember our life before Theodore. I honestly feel like he has been here forever. He has just slotted into our lives perfectly." Her 30-year-old husband added: "Every day has new meaning now. It's hard to describe. It's almost like a new lease of life where everything matters so much more because he is in it. Now that Theodore is here, it has exceeded all expectation of what I thought it would feel like to be a dad. It’s gone from being almost surreal to being nothing short of wonderful."

"We can't stop looking at him, I am just so obsessed," gushed Vogue as she gazed across at the baby monitor to watch Theodore sleeping soundly in his crib. "Look at him – he's a little dreamboat. I can't wait for him to wake up." That duty falls to Spencer, who is adoring his new daddy role. "Yes, Spencer is chief waker-upper," Vogue shared. "At the moment, we have to wake Theodore for his feeds as we are trying to get him into a cycle during the day so he sleeps longer at night. Spencer wakes him with a million kisses."

vogue spencer baby son© Photo: HELLO!

Vogue and Spencer introduce their gorgeous baby son

With Vogue breastfeeding, the former Made in Chelsea star is more than willing to help with the bottled night feeds and nappy changes. "I have countless years of practice of no sleep," he said. "I used to run nightclubs and I worked in the City, so I've been up at ungodly hours of the morning." He added: "But Theodore is pretty golden. He is so chilled and relaxed. We are very lucky. Everyone is constantly reminding us it could change, though."

Becoming parents is the culmination of a life-changing year for the couple, from their engagement in January, when Spencer proposed on stage in London at a performance of The Lion King, followed by the announcement of Vogue's pregnancy and their June wedding at the Matthews family's 30,000-acre Glen Affric estate in Scotland. But, Vogue noted: "The most life-changing thing we have ever done is to have Theodore. He is my biggest-ever achievement. Definitely."

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The couple are already planning their first festive season as a family. "We're going to Ireland to be with Vogue's family then heading to St Barts to see in the New Year," explained Spencer, whose parents own the Caribbean island's Eden Rock hotel. It was Christmas last year, when they were in the south of France, that the couple found out Vogue was pregnant. They then counted down the days to Theodore's birth, which took place at London's Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, at 3.55am on 5 September, four days after his due date. "There were a few little hiccups, but it was perfect," said Vogue.

Those "hiccups" actually saw her on the verge of an emergency Caesarean, with Spencer in gowns and scrubbed up for theatre. "Holding her hand and staying strong was pretty much the only option," he explained. Vogue had gone to hospital two days before the birth after noticing Theodore's movements were slowing. Putting their total trust in consultant obstetrician Doctor Vasso Terzidou, the decision was made to induce her the following morning. "I was induced at 6am, then Doctor Vasso broke my waters at 12 and the contractions started," Vogue revealed. "They went on until 5pm, when I had an epidural, which was a lifesaver."

spencer vogue hill wedding

Spencer and Vogue tied the knot in June

By 2am, however, Theodore's heartbeat had started to fluctuate, she added: "So they decided I should have an emergency Caesarean. I was so zonked by then, but I think Spencer was quite nervous, although he didn't show it." Spencer remarked: "I felt so protective of Vogue, but you feel ever so slightly useless. You're very much a passenger, which is not something I like as I like being in control. I got all scrubbed up and we had to rush off to theatre. As soon as we got in there, though, it felt comfortable as everyone knows 100% what they are doing."

Despite this, a final check found Theodore was on the way and his heart rate had gone down, so Vogue was able to give birth naturally. Of the moment she set eyes on their son, who weighed 9lb, Vogue said: "I remember seeing lots of dark hair and thinking: 'That's just like his dad. He has his dimples, too, and deep blue eyes. He's a mini-Spencer." Spencer added: "There is a striking resemblance to photos of me as a baby, but he has Vogue's lips. Hopefully he will look more like mummy than daddy. That would be the ideal situation."

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"I have nothing but love and respect for how Vogue dealt with it all," Spencer continued. "I couldn't be more proud of her. The love I have for Vogue kind of doubled because you immediately have that for your son as well. He has brought us even closer, which is hard to imagine. I've never felt love like it other than for Vogue. Just when you think there is no more love in you, along comes Theodore."

Knowing they were expecting a boy, the couple had already chosen the name Theodore. "“We thought we'd call him Teddy but since he's been born we've stayed with Theodore," said Vogue. The little boy has two middle names: Frederick, after Vogue's father, and Michael, in honour of Spencer's brother, who died on Mount Everest in 1999, aged 22. "Michael's name lives on in our family and always will do," he said.

The proud parents introuduced their baby to HELLO!

Among the first to visit the new arrival at home were the "over the moon" grandmothers Jane and Sandra and Spencer's older brother James and his wife Pippa, the Duchess of Cambridge's sister, who are expecting their first child. "We have two loving families and we all get on very well. Our friends and family are so keen to lend a hand and Theodore is so loved." Respectful of his brother and sister-in-law's privacy, Spencer only added: "They'll be fantastic parents and we'll all be very close. It's nice our children will be of a similar age and we hope they'll be close as they grow up."

When asked about expanding their family, Vogue shared: "Oh yes. Definitely more babies in the future." Her husband added: "Perhaps we'd like three more. Children have always been a big part of my life and we can’t wait to crack on and enlarge our family. For now, though, I can't imagine life being better than this."

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