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Is Katie's new cut a trendsetter?

Mrs Cruise debuts gorgeous elfin cut

August 6, 2008
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She's already debuted a beautiful, full-fringed bob this year, but now we're loving Katie Holmes' new cut even more. A gorgeous elfin crop that makes her look younger than ever.

Katie's new style has been cut with a razor using a slicing technique that takes all the weight out of the hair and gives it a light, irregular, casual finish, far from the precise, neat lines of her previous bob. It leaves the ends feathery, too – perfect for those little wisps that kick out around the edges (which can flatter fuller faces). The new look has an asymmetric shape which makes it heavier on one side, giving it a totally different feel depending from where you look at it. Shorter layers are cut into the top, on top of longer side layers, that give it height, too.

And by flicking the parting over during drying, you can give the style even more versatility (it's a low-maintenance look that needs only a rough blast dry after washing). Graduated into the nape and with long tendrils left in front of the ears, there's a Sixties, Twiggy feel about this cut - and we bet it's going to be a trend setter.

If you go for the same 'do, just make sure you use mousse when blast drying - hair that's been razored can end up looking flyaway without a little substance to hold it down.

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