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Neve Campbell’s star stylist reveals the simplest of secrets…

July 29, 2009
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She may be a major-league actress, making her name in the Scream horror franchise, but Canadian-born Neve Campbell is known for a simple sense of style that always leaves her looking refreshingly understated. 

And she’s obviously a fan of London life, having spent time in the capital recently where she attended the Inglourious Basterds premiere and the Cartier Polo. 

Neve attended the premiere with her pal, celebrity stylist Tara Smith, who dressed her hair for the red carpet, telling us all about it…“Neve’s hair has been through a lot lately,” she says. 

“She loves curls so had an ammonia-free Organic Care System perm recently. But her hair’s been straightened a lot during filming - Neve’s starring in Vivaldi with Joseph Fiennes - so was in need of conditioning.”

 Tara used her own products – naturally! – to get some much-needed moisture back into Neve’s hair, with the Base Coat Serum to seal in the moisture and give it back its gloss. Tara then blowdried Neve’s hair straight, in sections, with a round, vent brush to keep it smooth and with root lift, before simply pulling it all to the back of her head, twisting it round and keeping it loosely in place with bobby pins. 

Tara pulled a few sections loose around Neve’s face and backcombed them a little so her hair looked effortlessly ‘undone’. 

For the Cartier Polo, Neve went for a similar look with the same basic steps, but using tongs to create curls. When the hair had cooled and set into shape, Tara used a paddle brush to gently backcomb the sections that were gripped loosely into the back of the hair, but simply ran her fingers through the sections that were left loose at the front, to keep the curly shape, gripping in a flowery accessory to keep the hair off Neve’s face. Tara finished with a spritz of her own Top Coat Glosser for superstar shine. 

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