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Making waves: Get Beyonce's inauguration diva-like 'do

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Poised and confident, Beyonce Knowles shared the limelight with her luscious locks as she performed her rendition of the United States' national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner, at Barack Obama's second inauguration as president. Beaming proudly into the microphone, the 31-year-old tossed back a headful of glamorous, bouncy curls hitting the high-notes of hair appraisal, bridging the way between showbiz glamour and serious sophistication.



  • To get the look, begin with a volume boosting and thickening shampoo to really give body to the hair at its roots. A shampoo such as the one by Thikrx regulates the cellular membrane lipid proxidation to help prevent the death of cells within the follicle, so hair is bouncy and good to go as soon as it dries. 
  • Follow with a lightweight conditioner that won't weigh your hair down but which also includes brightening properties such as L'Oreal's Nutri-Gloss Intensive Shine Masque for that diva-like glow. Make sure your hair is product-free and fully dry before styling with a set of heated rollers. Take about 2cm of hair to wind over the top and around each barrel for a tight mass of full curls that is lifted at the crown. 
  • Coloured hair like Beyonce's also needs to be treated with extra care to avoid breaking or splitting at the ends. A curling wand is great for adding extra bounce towards the ends of the hair as seen in Beyonce's inauguration 'do. But it's important for anyone who has undergone a similar treatment to avoid using heated stylers at the highest temperature. It's a common assumption that curls will lose their spring without an intensity of heat, but a decent hold is actually all down to your hair type followed by good styling products.
  • With this in mind, tailoring temperature to personal style can help you achieve enviably healthy hair just like Beyonce. 
  • For those with fair or colour-treated hair a heat setting as low as possible should be used for silky, non-damaged results whereas those whose locks possess a more coarse texture are able to take a little more heat.
  • To finish, spritz hairspray at a distance to fix the style and apply a few drops of serum into your hands before running through your curls to loosen up the look.
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