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Six of the best: Haircare heroes

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Our hair suffers daily damage from washing, brushing, colouring and styling. So to groom your hair back to health, we've selected the best haircare heroes from the high street to help you achieve glossy, red-carpet worthy locks. Despite the mass of advertisements claiming to repair and restore damaged ends, there is no product that can turn back the clock for split ends. What you should really be aiming for is to prevent split ends rather than restoring them. Once hair has become dead and damaged, the only solution is to visit the hairdressers for a well needed chop. However, once you've trimmed and treated your ends with a new haircut it becomes far more easy to prevent the damage caused by heat products and styling in the future.


To find out how to care for our hair better, hairdresser to the stars Nicky Clarke has given us his verdict on the type of haircare products to look out for. "The are a number of ingredients in various hair are products which are designed to enhance the look of ones hair," explained Nicky. "Detergents will clean the hair but what makes the hair look and feel good is very often the other ingredients that are involved. "There are conditioning ingredients such as oils and silicones that will enhance the surface of the hair shaft putting a coating on, sealing the cuticles enabling the light to reflect back."  However, he also explains that the glossy cosmetic effects of these types of treatments are not designed to be long lasting but are an ideal way to give hair the appearance of health and provide their own benefits to your haircare routine also. "There are a number of styling products that will,for instance, temporarily seal split ends and help smooth the cuticle. Although these seem only cosmetic, they are technically stopping problems getting worse," he said.

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