Jennifer Aniston's latest hairdo for new film

Jennifer Aniston has covered up her sleek blonde locks with a brown wig on the set of her new film Squirrels to the Nuts, which co-stars Owen Wilson and Cybill Shepherd.

Jennifer, 44, looked almost unrecognisable with her new hair, which features a thick fringe and falls just above the shoulders. She has donned the wig for her role as a prostitute-turned actress in the film.

The look is vastly different from her usual style of blonde locks with a centre parting, and Jennifer's most well-known haircut the "Rachel", which she sported in the mid-1990s for the hit TV series Friends.



Jennifer had her hair cut into a choppy layered bob with a side fringe, styled to closely frame her face with streaky multi-tonal highlights.

The "Rachel" haircut became extremely popular with women requesting it in hairdressers and salons all over the world, and was deemed the iconic women's haircut of the 90s.

Jennifer revealed that the reason she had it done was to try to control her unruly hair, even though she prefers a longer length.


"I have curly, uncontrollable hair," she has previously said, speaking to The Hollywood Reporter. "It was a haircut to clean up damaged hair."

"It's never been my greatest feature, so that was funny enough unto itself that my hair became so focused on. I didn't love that cut. I'm really a long hair kind of girl," she said.

Jennifer gradually grew her hair out to sport a long and luscious look, and her choice of colour became more tonal with fewer contrasting highlights.

She has been one to experiment with new styles, and in 2001 went for a drastic cut when she chopped several inches off to flaunt a simple short-to-medium bob.


Jennifer then grew her hair again and has maintained it at a length that rests just below her shoulders, but has tried out various shades of blondes in the past decade, from ash blonde to warmer honey tones. She regularly straightens her hair to keep it sleek and smooth.

As the face and co-owner of hair care line Living Proof, Jennifer revealed that her fiancé Justin Theroux uses the brand's products.

"He has no choice," she said, speaking to People. "I've been known for hair for so long. That's the thing that's exciting to me [with ownership], to be able to have creative participation and get behind the product in a way that is actually knowing what's happening, as opposed to selling what's happening."