Kaley Cuoco reveals new bob haircut

Kaley Cuoco has cut off her long blonde locks in favour of a chic bob haircut.


The Big Bang Theory actress posted several Instagram pictures documenting her transformation from beginning to end.


The first picture showed Kaley sitting in the stylist's chair with a look of trepidation on her face. Holding hand over her mouth as the hairdresser began to cut her hair, Kaley captioned the image "Here we go! @clsymonds."

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Clearly pleased with her shorter crop, 28-year-old Kaley looked less nervous about the drastic change in the second picture. "We did it @clsymonds!" She wrote. "Now let's get some colour shall we? @andylecomptesalon."

"Cut,color, joy, joy, joy!!!" Posted Kaley as she showed off her soft blonde look. "Thank u @clsymonds and Vanessa @andylecomptesalon."

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Grateful for the expert finish on her new style, Kaley was eager to thank her stylist Christine Symonds and uploaded a picture of the two woman with the caption "Thanks to this little gem for giving me this killer haircut!!!"

Kaley's dramatic new look comes several weeks after she spoke about undergoing a transformation of a different kind. Speaking about the breast enhancement she had at the tender age of 18, Kaley said it was "the best decision I ever made."

Unlike many celebrities who choose to stay quiet on the subject of cosmetic surgery, Kaley told the May edition of Cosmopolitan magazine that she has never looked back on her choice to undergo the procedure, despite being so young at the time.

As Kaley's career gained momentum thanks to her starring role in sitcom 8 Simple Rules, the Californian star said she began to pay more attention to her appearance.

"I started reading [reports] and thought, 'Maybe I need to make more of an effort and not go out in my UGGs and be disgusting,' so I started putting make-up on," she said. "And they started writing, 'Wow, someone really likes being in front of the camera', I couldn't do anything right.

"[I thought] Why am I reading this stuff?" She added. "But I'm obsessed. I openly admit to being totally insane about that."