Irina Shayk named World Cup girlfriend with the best hair

Footballing superstar Cristiano Ronaldo's supermodel girlfriend Irina Shayk has been crowned the World Cup girlfriend with the best hair.

The Russian beauty, 28, and her flowing brunette locks topped a poll by users of online hair and beauty retailer

The model, who has fronted campaigns all over the world, took the top spot with almost a quarter of the votes – 21 per cent.



Irina Shayk took the top spot with almost a quarter of the votes

Close behind was fashion designer Coleen Rooney. The wife of English forward Wayne Rooney received 17 per cent of the vote.

Third place went to Frank Lampard's fiancée Christine Bleakley, while fourth place was superstar songstress Shakira, whose other half is Spanish defender Gerard Pique.

"I love Irina Shayk’s look. Her flowing brunette hair always looks in great condition and full of volume and shine. I wish I could get my hair to look as flawless as her," said one respondent.


Coleen Rooney and Christine Bleakley took second and third place, respectively

Another added: "Coleen Rooney has to be top for me. Her hair has that perfect shine to it and looks great in a ponytail. I’d give anything to have stunning locks like her."

A third commented about Shakira's 'do. "I'm loving Shakira’s blonde hair at the moment. It compliments her skin tone perfectly and looks great in that beach babe style that works on her so well."

England goalkeeper Joe Hart's girlfriend Kimberly Crew and her bouncy platinum blonde ringlets came next in fifth place with 10 per cent of the vote, beating Alex Gerrard, wife of English caption Steven Gerrard.

Partner to English defender Chris Smalling, glamour model Sam Cooke, was polled at number seven on the list with six per cent of the vote due to her shiny poker straight barnet.

The Apprentice winner and partner to Fraser Forester, Leah Totton came in eighth. The doctor and businesswoman scored five per cent of the vote for her silky smooth locks.

Taking ninth and tenth place respectively were Spain Midfielder Cesc Fabergas’ girlfriend Daniella Semaan alongside brunette bombshell and girlfriend to Mexican goal scorer Javier Hernandez, Leticia Sahagun.

The top ten wives and girlfriends of the World Cup players with the best hair

1. Irina Shayk 21 per cent

2. Coleen Rooney 17 per cent

3. Christine Bleakley 15 per cent

4. Shakira 13 per cent

5. Kimberly Crew 10 per cent

6. Alex Gerrard 8 per cent

7. Sam Cooke 6 per cent

8. Leah Totton 5 per cent

9. Daniella Semaan 3 per cent

10. Leticia Sahagun 2 per cent