Slicked back hair: how to rock the trend this party season

Slicked back hair is one of the biggest red carpet trends – and the best part is this edgy look is so easy to recreate for the party season. Taking inspiration from Kim Kardashian, Ellie Goulding and Gigi Hadid, we take a look at how to rock this bold style no matter what your hair length…


Kim Kardashian: long hair

Kim Kardashian often rocks poker straight locks

A poker straight style like Kim's makes looks great on long hair as it makes for a simple yet bold statement.

Start with dry hair that's a little dirty as this will add both texture and create a stronger hold for the look. Comb through your locks to get rid of any tangles and create the shape you want. For healthy-looking locks, opt for stay-in conditioner instead of wax.

Start to comb the conditioner through your locks, pulling hair away from your face and tucking the sides behind your ears to create the slick effect. Spritz strong hold hairspray over the roots, pointing the can downwards. If you want a wet look finish, you can also add a touch of shine spray.

Ellie Goulding: medium length hair

Ellie Goulding turned heads with her slicked back look for the AMAs

A slightly unkempt smooth style such as the one Ellie rocked for the AMAs adds a touch of edge to any look.

Start by combing clean hair as close to the scalp as possible – you may want to spritz some texture spray on the roots beforehand for volume. Taking a small amount of hair gel, use your fingers to comb it through your locks, stopping just before you reach the ends.

When you're happy with your look give it a quick blast with a hairdryer to set the gel. As gel can often give a high shine finish, if you're after a matte look you may want to try mixing a touch of wax to the gel.

Gigi Hadid: short hair

Gigi Hadid upped the beauty stakes with a sleek and smooth bob

Short hair like the faux bob Gigi rocked can be quite a statement on its own, so keep the sleek look simple for an understated yet eye-catching look.

This style works best on freshly-washed locks so shampoo and condition beforehand. As you dry your hair, use a small round brush to create volume by brushing upwards at the roots and the crown of the head, then blow dry the rest of your locks smooth and back.

Next using straighteners work through the various sections of your hair, smoothing it down. When you're finished, use a fine-tooth comb to tame any remaining flyaways and secure with strong hold hairspray.