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Party season hairstyles you can master at home

Chloe Best
Lifestyle Features Editor
November 22, 2016
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Get your hair party season ready with these styling tips from celebrity hairdresser Edward James...

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The Glam Side Ponytail

· Take an exaggerated side parting to create a more dramatic look.

· Gently backcomb your roots and apply some dry shampoo to create hold and texture.

· Use a hair elastic or bungee hair-elastic to create a dramatic side ponytail (on the opposite side to your parting).

· Use a curling wand to create texture and movement to the ends of the ponytail. Now disguise the hair elastic by taking a small strand of hair and wrapping and pinning.

· Finally spray the hair with soft-hold hairspray.

Jennifer Lawrence© Photo: Getty Images

Chic Top-knot

· Works brilliantly on day-old hair as it has more texture.

· Firmly brush hair into a high ponytail and secure with a hair elastic.

· Back-brush the ponytail to create more texture. For a more casual finish, spray a little dry shampoo into the hair, for a more polished finish, gently brush the hair after you have back-brushed to create a smoother finish.

· Twist the ponytail.

· Wrap the ponytail around the elastic and secure with pins.

· For spray with some soft-hold hairspray. If you want it to look more groomed, spray with a final spritz of hair serum. If you want it to look more casual, gently rub your hands over your hairline to loosen finer hairs around the face to create a wispier finish.

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Wet Glam

· On freshly washed hair, apply firm-hold moose roots to ends and take a deep side parting for a dramatic look.

· Tie hair in a side ponytail and split this into two sections.

· Twist each section -one clockwise and one anti-clockwise.

· Then twist both of these sections around one another to create one long twisted ponytail.

· Now wind this around the base of the ponytail to create a sleek and elegant glam evening do.

· Finally, secure with a couple of pins and spray with firm-hold hairspray.

Adele© Photo: Getty Images

The Bardot

· Centre part hair and smooth hair. Blow dry the front section forward.

· Back-comb the crown area (not the sides as this will look too bouffant) and smooth over with a natural bristle brush.

· Tie hair back in a low ponytail and create a small chignon at the nape of your neck by wrapping the hair around the base of the ponytail and securing with pins.

· Loosen the hair around the front so that you get lose wisps of hair falling around the face.

· Spray with a light spritz of hair serum.

Ashley Benson

Effortless Mess

· For a softer up-style, which is particularly good on very curly hair, this creates a natural/messy up do.

· Put your hair up in a high ponytail on the top of your hair.

· Turn your head upside down and gather the hair with one hand and press it on top of your head.

· Between each of your fingers, slide a pin to secure the hair.

· Turn your head the right side up and add more pins.

· Spray the final look.

Jennifer Lawrence1© Photo: Getty Images

Heidi Glam

· On longer hair, create three ponytails at the nape of the neck. Create three braids.

· Braid the three braids.

· Pin the braid securely whilst wrapping it around and finally spritz with hair spray and hair serum.

· If you have shorter hair, the same look can be created by using a clip-in ponytail, just make sure you get your hairstylist to match your hair perfectly beforehand.

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