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Eminem debuts new look, throwing Twitter into uproar

The Lose Yourself showed off his new beard on Instagram


Eminem has surprised his fans and thrown the social media world into a rampage after posting a picture of himself to Instagram together with fellow rappers Kendrick Lamar and Dr Dre debuting a very different new look.

"Just a couple of guys from Compton and one from Detroit. With a beard. #thedefiantones" the rap legend wrote alongside the photo, where his signature peroxide-blonde hair and clean-shaven face have instead been swapped for a cropped brunette look, disguised under a hat, and a short but prominent brown beard. The social media world has been quick to react, with fans on Twitter being the most outspoken in what they think about the new appearance.

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"I will shave my hair and beard and be just like you" wrote one dedicated fan. "I'll be the Stan to your Eminem" - referring to the Eminem alter ego which stars in his 2000 hit Stan. Another sees the popularity of the beard as a good signal for any upcoming album that The Real Slim Shady rapper may have in the works, writing: "Can't believe it's 2017 & Eminem breaks the social media with 'beard.' what will happen when album drops? Eminem ain't relevant, they said". However other Twitter users haven't lost out on the opportunity to make a joke of things and to take a dig at the 15-time Grammy award winner.

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One user shared a snap of Eminem's new look alongside a photo of his ex-girlfriend Mariah Carey in the 2009 music video Obsessed; which was reportedly about the rapper's obsession with her. The photo is captioned: "when u see Eminem's new beard ...and all you can think about is how @MariahCarey's beard in the "Obsessed" video looks better."

Another changed the wording of Eminem's 2005 single Mockingbird to Mockingbeard - writing alongside a photo of the mocked-up cover "New Eminem single "Mocking Beard" coming soon".

The rapper has yet to speak up on the contentious topic of his beard, seeming instead more occupied with his upcoming four-part documentary, The Defiant Ones. Retweeting a trailer last week, he wrote "Ignore the rules. #TheDefiantOnes."

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