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Hair hack: Create the illusion of volume with colour

Make your hair look thicker with these simple steps

thick hair with colour
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It often seems as though you can't leave your house without being swished in the face by somebody's lusciously thick hair. But what can us girls who are not blessed in the thick hair department do? Cheat obviously! We got some simple hair hacks from the clever folks at London's Hari's Salon, who revealed adding thickness is all about being clever with colour. "Yes, it's absolutely possible to create thicker hair with highlights/colour!" senior creative colourist Fran Dixon told us.

"Adding a minimum of two tones into your highlights will create volume, texture, definition, and substance. Adding colour automatically adds volume to the roots allowing hair to have more free-flowing movement. Colour also helps to keep hair from becoming too greasy too soon. This rule is applied for our brunette clients as well as our blondes."

thick hair with colour

Get thicker looking hair by being clever with colour 

But simply adding a colour for thin locks isn't a miracle solution, and Fran is quick to point out that opting for flat colours, i.e. just the one shade, is the ultimate no-no for fine hair.

"By adding warmth into the colour, it gives the illusion of height as the warm tones reflect off each other," she said. "Flat tones can be more revealing of thinner hair as less light reflects from the hair's shaft."

You can also add faux thickness with glosses and shine.

"The glossier and shinier the hair, the thicker and healthier it looks. When it's fine, flat, and dull - the thinner the hair will look," Fran continued.

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