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Save money with your haircare with these easy tips

You might be using too much product - which not only damages your hair, but costs more money too!

save money hair product
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Most of us are pretty carefree when it comes to washing hair and applying products. But have you ever thought about whether you are using the right amount? By using too much of each formula, not only could you be damaging the hair but you could also be literally flushing money down the drain. Here's a guideline for balancing out the exact amount of each product.

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save money hair product

Find out just how much hair product you need 


The ideal amount of shampoo required is dependent on a variety of factors, such as hair texture and length. However, around 10 millilitres or two full teaspoons of shampoo should be more than enough to work up a rich lather on damp hair and cleanse the strands. Short or fine hair may require much less shampoo, and a cherry-sized blob should do the trick.


While it probably won't make a difference if you use too much shampoo, overdoing conditioner can impact your hair. For short to medium-length hair a raspberry-sized dollop of conditioner should be adequate, but look to double the amount if your hair is longer. When it comes to conditioning, placement is just as important and it's a good idea to focus on applying through the mid-shaft to the ends.

3.Hair mask

Hair masks are great for battling frizz or split-ends. So how much should you use? Read the instructions on your favourite product, but in general a golf ball-sized portion should be enough to coat the strands and drench with moisture. Those with finer hair may want to avoid layering too much onto the mid-lengths.


Unless you're going for a punk look, be very careful when applying serums or oils. Take note of application instructions, but in general, these products are best applied to the ends of wet hair. Those with fine hair should measure out a portion the size of a grain of rice, while those with thick tresses can massage in the equivalent of a hazelnut. Less is more!


While often associated with '80s hairstyles, gel still has a place in the modern bathroom cabinet. When creating curls or styling short hair, look to apply no more than a couple of sprays or a blackberry-shaped portion. No one wants clumpy or crunchy locks anymore.


There's no quick fix if you over apply wax products. Accordingly, measure out a pea-shaped scoop and rub between your hands to warm before application. It's always best to start out with a small portion and add more if required.

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