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The products Rochelle Humes uses on her naturally curly hair

We got the lowdown from her hairdresser Maurice Flynn

Fiona Ward
Fiona WardActing Fashion and Beauty Editor
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Rochelle Humes has been proudly embracing her natural curly hair texture of late, since vowing to ditch the straighteners in an effort to show her daughter, adorable four-year-old Alaia Mai, that natural curls are just as beautiful as straight hair - and quite rightly so! Having revealed that she had been smoothing out her curls since the age of 18, the star has been rocking a variety of styles with her natural coils, encouraging her fans to do the same with her hashtag #CurlsLikeUs. With the help of her loyal hairdresser Maurice Flynn, the star has even rocked her natural 'do for a host of recent events from the National Television Awards to the BAFTAs.

rochelle humes hosts the baftas© Photo: Getty Images

Rochelle's natural curls look stunning 

With the presenter setting such a great example to her followers, her trusty hairdresser Maurice has revealed to HELLO! how he styles Rochelle's hair - and how to gain the confidence to embrace your natural texture. "There are so many people now resisting their natural and beautiful hair," he says. "Ditching the heat is the way forward. Not only does it improve the overall condition of your hair, it also sets an example that whatever you’re blessed with you can love and have fun with. Too much blow drying, flat-ironing or chemically straightening your hair can take its toll and you will find yourself left with hair that looks limp and lifeless."

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The hairdresser, who also tends to the tresses of Angela Scanlon, Katie Piper and Ayda Field, says he loves to try out different products with Rochelle. "I am still playing around with various products for curly hair, but I love the Moroccanoil Curl Cleansing Conditioner and Curl Defining Cream, as well as the Kérastase Oléo-Curl intense mask.

products natural curls

Some of Maurice's favourite products for curly hair textures include Morrocanoil and Kérastase

"At shoots and red carpet events, when I want some texture in Rochelle’s curls, I like to use Wind Blown Dry Finishing Spray by Redken, which gives a nice hold. For a fuller look I'll use some clip-in extensions, and a curling iron to define any curls that are feeling a bit loose or straight - with a heat protector of course. I also recently discovered Curlformers, which are a great way to curl your hair with zero heat! They come in various different curl types such as spiral, barrel and corkscrew." 

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For those that want to embrace their natural texture at home, Maurice advises holding off on the product. "Don't wash your hair everyday," he says. "Let those natural oils come through instead of over cleansing and drying out the hair. Use a co-wash once a week, which is a conditioner-only wash. No shampoo! You can use this if you have dry, relaxed, wavy, coloured and curly hair.

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"Sectioning your hair and using a wide-tooth detangling comb is best whilst cleansing the hair. Apply the co-wash to wet hair from root to the ends, giving the ends a little more attention as they tend to be drier. Leave for four to five minutes and rinse. If you insist on using a shampoo, try opting for a sulphate-free one which won’t eliminate your natural oils. After cleansing, apply your styling mousses, curl activator creams or sprays straight away as the curls will fully absorb the product when wet and you will get a more defined, moisturised curl. Use a diffuser - upside down for more volume - or allow to dry naturally."

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Speaking out about her decision to stop straightening her hair, Rochelle said, "My four year old little girl Alaia has been telling me for a while that she doesn't like her curly hair. It broke my heart when she told me it was because she didn't look like a princess - she said, 'I don't Mummy because Elsa and Rapunzel have long straight hair'. It then dawned on me that maybe this issue started closer to home because, all she has ever known is her Mummy to style her hair straight, when in fact mine is naturally curly too."

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