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Ready for Kaleidoscope hair? 2018's prettiest hair colour trend

Warning: It's not for the shy types

Leanne Bayley
Director of Lifestyle & Commerce
March 19, 2018
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We have a new hair colour trend to be obsessed with, and that's 'Kaleidoscope Hair'. Possibly the most Instagrammable hair colour combo we've ever seen, this dreamy look works for blonde hair and consists of every colour imaginable – a kaleidoscope of shades, if you will. The beauty about this look is you can't see where one colour ends and another begins. Granted, rainbow hair isn't new but this look is much more toned down and is almost a subtle take on the look. Portland-based hair stylist Lindsay Wolf chatted to Allure about the trend, which works best on icy-platinum blonde hair. And while she herself calls it 'watercolour rainbow' and 'rainbow river' hair, it's been dubbed on Instagram as 'Kaleidoscope hair' thanks to the constant changing pattern when the hair moves.

kaleidoscope hair 1

Lindsay Wolf created the look and shared it on her Instagram page

"This look was inspired by nature, specifically the rainbows of the Pacific Northwest," Lindsay told Allure. "I knew I wanted it to be a softer take on bolder rainbow hair looks I'd been seeing a lot of. I wanted the shades to look fluid, as though they were melting into each other, not being able to see where each color begins or ends."

kaleidoscope hair 2

Rainbow hair is a trend that's been around for a while. This look was created by Justine Carlisle

The prismatic effect was created by lightening her client's hair to an icy platinum blonde. This involved two trips to the hair salon to get the perfect icy blonde, and for the third visit Lindsay painted on the pastel dyes from from hairstylist Guy Tang's Mydentity range. From Pink Diamond to Lavender Lust and Mint of Steel, she also applied Pulp Riot's Powder (a sky blue shade) and Lemon (a pastel yellow) and the process took five hours to complete because she had to switch between four different patterns of colours.

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"I actually had to write them down and hang them in front of me so I didn't forget which colour came next," she admitted.

kaleidoscope hair 3

Introducing the Shimmering Waterfall look, as created by Wolf

If you're desperate to try the look out for yourself, Lindsay says it's best for those with natural medium to light blonde hair with a fine to medium texture. She also recommends finding a stylist who is confident with working with direct dyes. Once you do so, ask them for a "multi-toned pastel colour melt".

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In total, the process took 13 hours and requires "an investment of time, money, and patience, but the results are so, so worth it."

We couldn't agree more.

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