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Washing your hair with champagne is the new trend to know about

Corks be poppin'

Carla Challis
Commerce Partnerships Editor
August 7, 2018
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Alcohol should be for drinking, right? Not where your hair is concerned. Catherine Zeta-Jones is said to swear by washing her hair with beer (it adds shine, she says) and both gin and vodka are lauded for making hair ridiculously smooth – some even say these spirits help your hair to grow too. The latest tipple to add to your bathroom shelf? Champagne.

Instagram star Madina Shrienzada has shared a video of herself washing her hair with a bottle of champagne, saying it gives her hair an “extra little vamp of shine” and tames frizz too. In a step-by-step tutorial Madina pours the bubbles over the ends of her the lengths of her hair and dips the ends into a bowl of champagne. She then wrings the alcohol out of her hair and post-champagne-dipping, her hair is insanely shiny and smooth. Madina gives the hair hack an 8/10 and says it’s a “fun little way of doing this on a girl’s night.”

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It might seem a tad Upper East Side Gossip Girl, but there could be some truth to it. Champagne is becoming a common ingredient in many haircare lines; Cuvee Beauty blends champagne with white truffle and skincare-grade ingredients for healthy, conditioned hair while the Alterna Ten Perfect Blend range lists champagne as one of its key ingredients. And if you’re really feeling yourself, there’s even the label.m Diamond Dust range, which includes pearl dust and champagne with micro-fine diamond dust too.

Vogue Editor Diana Vreeland once wrote that you should rinse “your blonde child’s hair in dead champagne to keep it gold, as they do in France” and legendary supermodel Christie Brinkley pours leftover champagne to keep her hair shiny. Leftover champagne might be a rare occurrence for us but wanting swishy, Victoria's Secret model hair? We could be persuaded to save a drop or two…

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