Robbie Williams reveals major hair change – and he did it himself

Ayda Field shared his new look on Instagram

Robbie Williams has undergone a major change to his appearance – and he did it himself!

The Angels hitmaker revealed his new look on wife Ayda Field's Instagram account, showing off his freshly dyed hair.

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Robbie is no longer sporting greying locks having opted to dye his hair black!

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WATCH: Ayda Field reveals Robbie William's DIY dye job

Sitting at a table on his laptop, Robbie looked nonplussed as Ayda joked that she couldn't figure out why he looked so different.

"Robbie Williams, what's happened? You look slightly different, I'm not sure what it is. It's not your skin, it's not your shirt…," she teased. "Oh you're hair's looking noticeably darker my love," she jokily added.

Playing along with the joke, Robbie said: "I've dyed my eyebrows. I've put little bits of white in my eyebrows."

"Oh is that what it is?," Ayda replied. "It's the eyebrows. So you haven't done anything to your hair?"

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Robbie dyed his hair himself

Turning to the camera, Robbie then said: "Ok a message to the world. Yes, I've dyed my hair and do you know why? Because I like to and it's fun to do stuff like that.

"Not because of, 'Oh look he's getting really old and grey' which I am too, which I don't mind. But, just chill out!"

Revealing Robbie had opted for a DIY job instead of visiting a professional hairstylist, Ayda added: "You did this yourself too. Next time will you let me do it?" "Don't know," Robbie replied.

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Robbie typically sports grey hair

Fans appeared to be divided over Robbie's darker hair, with many admitting they enjoyed his "silver fox" appearance.

"Aww I loved the grey #silverfox," said one fan in the comment section of the post. "Grey looked great on him," added another.

A third loved Robbie's new hair, writing: "Love his hair here. Rob looks so amazing!" While a fourth added: "The world's most handsome man with grey hair and with dark hair."

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