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Exploring Tulayoga

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Heading to my first session of Tulayoga, I was seriously nervous. A quick Google search had brought up seemingly-impossible images of people being floated in the air – I am not in the least bit flexible, nor acrobatic.Louka Leppard, the creator of Tulayoga, immediately put me at ease with his sunny, gentle disposition.The session starts with an hour and a half of deep tissue massage in a candlelit space with soothing music. Louka concentrates on areas of tension and explains why the tension has been created in specific areas. 

Seriously relaxed after the massage, I got a tshirt and leggings on and tried not to worry about what was to come – the being-suspended-in-mid-air part of the session!I needn't have worried – it is, hands down, the best yoga experience I have ever had. Louka expertly guided me through the air in a series of different easy-to-do but tension-releasing poses.The sensation was strange but at the same time wonderful. I had total trust in Louka and once I had completely let myself go, it felt amazing.

What is Tulayoga?

Tulayoga is the unique creation of Louka Leppard. This cutting edge technique combines the ancient wisdom of yoga with today’s knowledge of mindfulness and movement enjoyed by Hollywood actresses, Parisian fashion designers and European CEOs. It was founded in Geneva over 16 years ago, Louka drew upon his knowledge and experience of massage, combined this with his passion for yoga, and developed the therapies now known as Tulayoga and Tulamassage.Inspired by the teachings and mentoring from pyscho-corporeal therapist, Marie Lise Labonte and Paul Terrel, Louka set about to create a unique one to one treatment with the aim of releasing, realigning and opening people’s physical bodies. The treatment consists of 1hour 30minutes of deep tension releasing massage with oils followed by 30mins of supported, inverted yoga poses.

Benefits of deep tissue massage and inversion techniques:

• Increased mobility and a gentle, realignment of the spine• Opening of the psoas and release of tension in the pelvis, lumbar region, abdomen and chest• Release of neck, shoulder and facial tension• Increase in breathing capacity• Decrease in blood pressure• Reduction of depression and stress• Release of emotional blockages and TraumaLouka is now offering one to ones at The Light Centre, Moorgate, London.