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Get energised with Nell McAndrew's calorie-burning workout

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On your marks, get set and get ready for a fun fitness solution to kick start your 2013 health regime with gorgeous, toned model Nell McAndrew.Improving your fitness can be a challenge but in just 80 minutes, fitness expert Nell talks you through a high energy, calorie-burning and varied workout which provides continual guidance and motivation ensuring that you'll be bikini-ready by the time the January ice melts away. 


"I am passionate about encouraging everyone, especially women, to use health and fitness to improve their confidence and self esteem", says the running leader who continues to power walk at seven and a half months pregnant. But before you get out the trainers, here are Nell's top tips for burning calories and keeping in shape this January.1. Running is the best way to burn calories and easy to fit in to your day. Mix in some lunges, squats and squat thrusts and you will really get your heart pumping. My new DVD integrates these exercises with activities to achieve balance, core stability and improve posture and breathing.2. Exercising outside burns more calories, especially in colder weather. So if you are not a runner then a brisk walk will still do the job.3. I have now stopped running as I am seven and a half months pregnant. Instead I do power walking up hills so I can still get my heart pumping and it's a great way to engage the glutes. You will have a better bottom by doing running or walking up a higher gradient.


4. Press ups and the plank are great as you are using your own bodyweight as resistance so these can be done anywhere.5. Vary your exercise programme to really benefit from working various muscles and different parts of your body. If you stick to just doing the same thing then you won't increase you fitness.6. Don't skip breakfast! Eating a proper breakfast kickstarts your metabolism and stops those dreaded hunger pangs craving convenience food. My favourite healthy breakfasts are either porridge made with half soya milk/half water or Greek style yoghurt with granola and blueberries, strawberries or banana (or all three if I’m super hungry)7. Go to bed early to stop yourself from raiding the fridge at 11pm. This way you will wake up hungry and ready to eat your healthy breakfast.Nell McAndrew’s new fitness DVD Peak Energy Recharged, powered by Sure Maximum Protection, is available now from Amazon for £12.99. Sure Maximum Protection is available nationwide for £5.10

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