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Katharine McPhee opens up about her relationship with food

The American actress revealed that she goes 'all out' when it's a cheat day

katharine mcphee talks diet
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When it comes to diet Katharine McPhee lets herself “break every rule” if she has a cheat day. The 33-year-old Scorpion actress is famous for her toned, curvy figure. And while she works hard to maintain her physique, Katharine does allow herself the odd day off from her diet and exercise regime. "If there's somewhere special I wanna go - like for Mastro's butter cake or a pizza with some delicious red wine - I break every rule," Katharine laughed to Health magazine. "I'm gonna have the appetiser, the entree, some of your entree, and dessert, just because I love food."

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katharine mcphee diet talk

Katharine McPhee has opened up about her diet 

Many of her peers adopt a detox diet if they have weight to lose for a specific occasion. But Katharine isn't a fan of restricting herself when it comes to her diet. "I can't do that, it's too restricting for me," she said of the detox or juicing diet concept. "Personally, juicing is not interesting enough for me; I like to, like, eat my food. I love salads, I love clean food; it makes me feel good. But the idea that you can never eat a burger and French fries (without gaining) weight five days later? I just don't believe that's true.”

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As well as sticking to a healthy diet the majority of the time, Katharine regularly works up a sweat in the gym. And when it comes to what area she's been working on in recent weeks, the stunning brunette cites her abs as her current favourite body part. "I like a move on the bench where you bend. And the scissors are, like, crazy. It's the knees coming in and then out that works a different part of your lower abs. But it's really the number of reps that you're doing," she advised.

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