Frankie Bridge bravely shares eating disorder past and ongoing body confidence struggles

The mum-of-two has been photographed in Miami without her permission

Frankie Bridge has taken to Instagram to express her shock and sadness at being unknowingly photographed while on holiday in Miami. Shots of the ex-Saturdays star in a bikini, enjoying private time with her husband, Wayne Bridge, and her sister, Tor, and brother-in-law, surfaced on the internet on Monday and the mum-of-two has spoken out. 

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Uploading a photograph of herself when she was pregnant with her second son, Chester, alongside an old shot of her while she was performing in the band, she wrote: "Let’s talk about body image..! As you probably know from the InstaSpam – I’m in Miami for my 30th, I’ve been looking forward to it for a long time and this morning, I woke to messages from friends telling me my body was all over the internet. Whether you wanted to see me in a bikini or not, you can now see me (at all angles) by the pool, with my family on holiday."

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She continued: "I had ZERO idea the pictures were being taken, which I completely appreciate is part and parcel of the gig. I was honestly devastated to learn that these pictures had been taken of me whilst I was enjoying time with my family, so much so I couldn’t even bring myself to look at the shots. The pictures of everyone on Instagram, looking posed and beautiful are exactly that, posed!! No one is really 'photo ready' in a bikini and I hadn’t realised I needed to be conscious of what I looked like at that moment. It’s important to talk about my relationship with my body because hopefully, it will help someone else who’s in a similar situation to how I’ve felt and often feel about my body. Whilst I am proud of who I am and that my body was able to bring Carter and Parker into this world… it’s still something I don’t feel confident about."

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She finished: "I still stress about my body and how my body looks, it’s easy to compare others and it is a massive contributing factor to my mental health. When I was pregnant for the first time that was when I realised I had suffered from an eating disorder in the past, having no control over what my body did during pregnancy was hard for me.The list is endless; weight loss, weight gain, saggy skin, stretch marks. Mums I know you get me! I still HATE the thought of going on holiday – what to wear, how to wear a bikini. Like a lot of women, I’d love to lose some weight, tone up here or there, eat less carbs, not have that glass of alcohol but I am me, the proud mummy to Parker and Carter. I know for a fact that no matter how toned, how thin I am that I will never be able to see myself the way that others do. I look back at pictures (pic 2) and long for ‘that’ body, knowing that ‘then’, I wasn’t happy either. So, here’s to accepting ourselves for who we are and finding a way to be happy with it."

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Fans were quick to praise the 30-year-old for her bravery and generosity in letting others know that even seemingly perfect looking celebrities struggle with body image too. One summed it up by saying: "How eloquent a post and such a positive attitude to promote to our young women well done."