Denise Welch reveals health problems that made her decide to lose weight

The Loose Women panelist lost weight with LighterLife

Denise Welch has been making headlines over the past few years after losing an incredible two stone in just two months. The Loose Women panelist has managed to keep off the weight over the past six years thanks to following the LighterLife diet plan, and she's never been happier. But when Denise decided to lose weight, there was far more to it than just feeling more confident in a bikini. Talking to HELLO!, the mother-of-two revealed that her main concern was improving her health. She said: "I had only put on two stone, but only – for me that's a lot. It's not just the aesthetic aspect but my breathing was impaired, and my osteoarthritis had really flared up. It's not just about looking okay in a bathing costume but it's about the health reasons."

Denise Welch lost two stone in two months six years ago

She added: "I've got a lower back problem, and I was told by my osteopath that if I was two stone heavier the problems would be worse. So it's very much the health things as well. I am in a good place and I have a good relationship with my body. It does what it's got to do."

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The Loose Women star celebrated her 61st birthday on Wednesday

On following the LighterLife lifestyle plan, Denise said: "The thing with LighterLife is that I learnt how to change my relationship with food so that food doesn't rule my life as it were, and as a result of that I still eat the things that I like, I still like to have fish and chips and I still like to have pies but I can make a decision when I have them, rather than turning to them when I have an emotional need or void to feel which is what i think a lot of people do. And what I did with alcohol, and when I took that out of my life, I saw myself on a very rocky road doing that to food, and that's when I turned to Lighter Life."

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On Wednesday, Denise not only celebrated her 61st birthday, but six years as LigterLife's ambassador. The former Coronation Street star has never felt better or more body confident either. She said: "I am very happy with my body. I am 61 next week and the week of my birthday is the week I celebrate six years with LighterLife. It's got me through two children, I am still in good health, and I don't look bad for an old bird! I am not claiming to be a size eight supermodel, but I am maintaining a healthy size 12 weight in the best way that I can. I am not a massive exercise freak but I am trying to walk as much as I can."

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