Lisa Riley, 43, reveals heartbreaking IVF update

The former Strictly star dreams of starting a family with her fiancé Al

Lisa Riley has revealed she is not giving up on her dream of starting a family, despite being told that it is unlikely IVF will work for her. The Emmerdale star said that although she will no longer pursue the fertility treatment, she would be "thrilled" if she could fall pregnant naturally.

Speaking about her desire to have a child and her close bond with her brother’s family, Lisa told The Mirror: "Theirs is the family I wanted – but I can’t have. It is just not meant to be. But since being back at Emmerdale I have heard so many positive stories about people who tried IVF and it didn’t work, but then fell pregnant naturally."

Lisa Riley has remained optimistic despite being told IVF likely won't work

She continued: "I wouldn’t go down the IVF route now but I will let nature take its course and, if I did fall pregnant, I would be thrilled. But I am not going to dwell on it. No one is going to give me bad news again."

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Lisa has been open about her dream of becoming a mother, and previously described her experience of fertility treatments during an appearance on Loose Women, saying it had been "emotionally draining". The 43-year-old said: "My body was being pumped full of hormones to get my egg readings, and in the end they weren’t good, it messes with your head and I just couldn’t do that to myself anymore. The past few months have been really hard, emotionally draining, and we just decided that enough was enough."

Lisa has just returned to Emmerdale

While she is remaining positive, Lisa still has lots of other things to look forward to, as she has recently made a return to Emmerdale after resuming her role as Mandy Dingle. The former Strictly Come Dancing contestant is also preparing to marry her long-term partner Al, who proposed in May 2018.

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