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Books to test your brainpower in isolation: Sudoku, crosswords & more

These brainteaser books are guaranteed to keep you busy

woman puzzle

If lockdown is starting to feel a little repetitive and you want something to test your brain, how about a puzzle, Sudoku or crossword book? The teasers are proven to help keep your brain active, plus they relieve some of the boredom of being stuck at home 24/7. Whether you’re a seasoned puzzler or want something simple to ease you in, we’ve selected the best conundrum books to help keep you busy until lockdown lifts…

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einsteins riddle

Looking for a challenge? Einstein's Riddle features fifty of the toughest logic problems, lateral thinking puzzles, and mental agility tests. Equally entertaining and infuriating, try your hand at these riddles, paradoxes, and conundrums. 

Einstein's Riddle, £9.56, Amazon 

bletchley park

Have you got what it takes to be a Bletchley Park code breaker? Find out with these puzzles, riddles, and enigmas.

Bletchley Park Brainteasers, £7, Amazon

puzzle book 1

This bestselling Sudoku book has an impressive 1,000 puzzles in four different difficulty levels, starting from novice and leading up to veteran. It’ll certainly keep you busy!

Sudoku puzzle book, £9.99, Amazon

puzzle book 2

Fans of the crossword puzzles in The Times will love this book, which has 300 of them chosen by editors of the newspaper. Those who want to broaden their knowledge of history, geography, literature and the like will be 

The Times Big Book of Quick Crosswords, £7.26, Amazon

puzzle book 3

If you want puzzles that make you feel calm - rather than stressed out - this is the one for you. Created by an actual doctor, the games include adult versions of relaxing kids' activities, such as dot-to-dots, mazes and even colouring and spot-the-difference puzzles.

The Mindfulness puzzle book, £7.99, Amazon

puzzle book 5

Tick all of the puzzles off in one go with this book, which has word scrambles, Sudoku, word searches and crosswords all in one.

Activity book for adults, £12.95, Amazon

puzzle book 6

For something a bit different, this Scotland Yard puzzle book is perfect. It takes a look through the history of the famous institution and recreates some of the most complex puzzles its detectives have ever faced - perfect for wannabe spies.

The Scotland Yard puzzle book, £9.09, Amazon

puzzle book 7

With its larger print, this book is designed specifically for those who love doing word searches, but don’t want to strain their eyes.

Word Search Puzzles for Seniors, £4.80, Amazon

puzzle book 8

For an extra challenge, this logic puzzle book is designed to test your brain power using a variety of different logic puzzles such as Sudoku, Nosyu and monograms.

Tricky Logic Puzzles for Adults, £10, Amazon


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