Eamonn Holmes impresses fans with burnout and stress story

The This Morning host had some words of wisdom

Eamonn Holmes is full of wisdom, so much so that he has his own weekly Agony Uncle show on Instagram! The This Morning star, who is married to the lovely Ruth Langsford, discussed all things burnout and stress at work in this week's episode.

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Fans were left seriously impressed with Eamonn's calm and rational approach to the question, which came from a fan who was struggling with their job.

Eamonn, 61, who has worked in live television for over 40 years and is currently suffering from chronic pain, said the one lesson he has learned is to always be prepared.

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WATCH: Eamonn Holmes reveals how he copes with burnout and stress

Asked how he "combats burnout and stress", Eamonn replied: "There's no doubt about it, I work in the most stressful end of television production, and that is live TV.

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"I think I get around it because I know my job and everyone else's job - I know what the floor manager is supposed to do, I know what the cameras do, the producers in the gallery...

"If you feel confident that you know everything that's happening, you're not sailing into the dark and the unprepared, you've briefed yourself [then you'll be fine].

Eamonn had some words of wisdom about work stress

"Don't trust anybody, trust yourself, prepare yourself. I'm constantly listening to the news, reading newspapers, picking up information… It can all pop up in my job. If you're prepared, you're going to be OK."

His simple yet universally applicable response went down a storm with his followers, who were surprised by how sound his advice always is.

One fan said: "On point as normal great advice. Only trust yourself." Another joked: "Are you sure you weren't formally a teacher [because] why are these better than any PD sessions I've ever attended?! #greatadvice".

Eamonn says he and Ruth Langsford are always prepared at work

Another declared: "Wise words as ever Eamonn. You can tell when you are on this morning you are so relaxed and don't seem nervous at all which is why everyone thinks your the perfect man for the job," while a fourth commented: "Where were you when I was growing up. Such wise words from a wise man."

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Meanwhile, Eamonn has kept fans updated about his battle with chronic pain, although it sounds like hope is on the horizon.

After struggling for several weeks, the star went to hospital for a diagnosis and discovered it was caused by a dislocated pelvis and three slipped discs.