Steph McGovern reveals the secret to recent weight loss amid IBS battle

The TV presenter suffers from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

Steph McGovern has been open about her health struggle with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) - a common condition that affects the digestive system.

During a recent event to honour the heroes of the NHS, the 39-year-old unveiled her astonishing weight loss which has seen her drop two dress sizes. And according to Steph, it's all down to a change in lifestyle.

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WATCH: Inside Steph McGovern's weight loss journey

Sharing her own experience with fans, the Channel 4 presenter revealed that she now eats more fermented food and enjoys meals during a certain time frame. "Health update… so I said I would tell you about what I’ve done to calm down my IBS + lose a bit of weight," she wrote in the caption.

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"Key things - I only eat within an 8 hour time frame every weekday. So if the first thing I eat is at 11am, the last thing is before 7pm. This is key to giving my digestive system time to do its job.

"I think that's been the biggest thing for my IBS. It's also massively cut down my snacking. I felt starving in the morning at first but now have got used to it. Plus at the weekends I go back to 'normal'… wine/snacks/fast food!"

The TV star has dropped two dress sizes in recent weeks

On the positives of eating fermented food, such as kimchi, Steph explained: "Fermented food - it sounds rank and I'm not going to pretend some of it isn't. BUT I've incorporated it into foods I like. So, for example, Kimchi. I try and add it to any meal I can now. I even have a jar of it in the fridge at work.

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"Also, kefir and kombucha. I drink that. They come in loads of forms, have a look in the supermarket for them. There are loads of flavours too. They are full of probiotics which are brilliant for gut health. The pics show two of my faves. You could actually make your own Kombucha too if you wanted to save money."

Steph then detailed her "Monday routine" which sees her drink water or green tea until 11.30am. For lunch, she will then have a steak salad filled with kale, quinoa, beans, edamame, sweetcorn, coleslaw and kimchi.

Steph now incorporates fermented food into her diet

The mum-of-one also has a fish finger sandwich and carries on drinking plain water or kefir water throughout the day. In the evening, Steph takes a HIIT class before having dinner at 7.30pm, consisting of pork in char siu source with rice, ginger and garlic bok choi as well as some kimchi.

Warning her fans that this works for her and that it may not be for everyone, Steph concluded: "NOTE: I'm not a doctor so this is what’s working for me. I have no idea whether it will work for you. Also, I don't have any commercial partnerships with the classes/PTs/products I mention.

"It's stuff I pay for that I like. I appreciate not everyone can afford things like PTs… so I'll try and list exercises you can do at home."

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