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Steph McGovern turned to therapy after suffering night terrors about losing her baby

The former BBC Breakfast presenter is a doting mother to one daughter

steph mcgovern
Sharnaz Shahid
Deputy Online Editor
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Steph McGovern has opened up about the horrific night terrors she suffers, which focuses on her losing a baby.

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The former BBC Breakfast presenter, who welcomed her baby daughter in November with her partner, confessed she required therapy to overcome the nightmares. "I don't ever actually feel stressed but the way it manifests in me is at night," she said, reports The Sun. "I have crazy dreams and awful night terrors."

These detailed night visions started when Steph was at school, but have since become seemingly more real. "As I've got older, they have become more vivid," she added. "And since having a baby, I will regularly wake up and think I've lost her.

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"I imagine she's in bed with me and I've dropped her, or I've lost her. Quite a few times, my partner has found me on the floor scrabbling around under things or in cupboards, looking for the baby.

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"I'm asleep - my brain isn't working enough to know she actually is there, because I'm looking at things and I'm not seeing what's really there."

steph mcgovern channel4© Photo: Channel 4

Steph welcomed her baby daughter in November

Although the 38-year-old is yet to be fully "cured" from these nightmares, her therapist has introduced her to coping mechanisms and a new bedtime routine to help minimise the terrifying thoughts.

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"It's all to do with how you go to bed at night, about your peace of mind when you go to sleep," she explained, adding: "You imagine yourself in that situation, and in my sleep that’s kind of what happens. So I have tried to change my bedtime routine a bit and it has helped."

steph mcgovern new show© Photo: Channel 4

Steph's Packed Lunch launches this week

The down-to-earth presenter, who shot to fame as a reporter on BBC Breakfast, is now preparing to launch her new show, Steph's Packed Lunch, on Monday. She launched her first solo show during lockdown, filming The Steph Show from the Yorkshire home she shares with her family.

The upcoming programme will broadcast live from a new studio at Leeds Dock, overlooking the spectacular Leeds Waterfront. The series promises to "feature celebrity guests, fantastic food, intriguing real-life features and a mix of the best entertainment, lifestyle and consumer news making the headlines".

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