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Frankie Bridge opens up about tough reality of living with PCOS

Frankie Bridge shares the realities of living with PCOS

frankie bridge pcos
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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Frankie Bridge got candid with her followers during an Instagram Q&A, sharing her experiences of living with polycystic ovary syndrome.

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A fan asked Frankie: "I exercise 5 x a week, drink lots of water but I'm always tired… I have 2 kids… Is this normal?" The Loose Women star honestly answered: "I've been experiencing the same thing for quite a few months now. I got into bed at 7:30 and ate my dinner here. I have PCOS and depression which definitely plays a role. Stress is another.

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"Try to look at each day and see when the tiredness really ramps up. I've noticed that for me it's possibly food-related. Sugar being the main cause. So I've tried really hard not to snack. Up my protein and make better carb choices. I fell off the wagon today and I'm shattered. Also alcohol too. I really had been feeling the benefits of paying more attention to what variety of food I was eating," she continued.

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"Also don't forget we've just come out of the pandemic. So everything is slightly harder work."

frankie pcos

Frankie chatted to her fans via an Instagram Q&A

Frankie, 31, mentioned her PCOS in response to another fan question, who asked if she follows a strict diet to maintain her toned figure. Frankie admitted no, but explained: "I'm actually really making an effort to cook more at home. Add more protein and be more aware. I often comfort eat and having PCOS I have the watch that."

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Frankie uses her diet to manage PCOS

Frankie first spoke about her PCOS in October 2020, sharing her diagnosis on Instagram.

"I've just found out actually that I've got polycystic ovaries," she said. "I had loads of blood tests done a few weeks ago because I was getting irregular periods, I was getting really bad PMT, I was getting really cyst-y spots and really bad skin. And I was finding it hard to lose weight, even though I was eating healthily.

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"It goes on different scales, so I'm not on top of the scale, [I'm] quite near the bottom but it just kind of really explains everything," she said.

PCOS is a hormone-related problem caused by small cysts growing on a woman's ovaries, which caused a hormone imbalance. This imbalance causes problems with the regularity of periods and can also cause problems for women when trying to get pregnant. Victoria Beckham and Izzy Juddboth also suffer from the condition.

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