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Meghan Markle's dog Guy 'badly injured' at start of new royal life

Prince Harry shared details of the beagle's injury in Spare

meghan markle dog

Meghan Markle is known to be a big animal lover, and when she first met Prince Harry, she had two dogs; Bogart, a labrador-shepherd mix and Guy, a beagle.

After news of her and Harry's romance leaked, Meghan was forced to give Bogart away to a neighbour after he was traumatised by the constant noise at her home, but she was able to move her beagle, Guy, with her to the UK.

Sadly, the move wasn't easy for the pooch, with Prince Harry sharing heartbreaking details of the dog's condition in his memoir, Spare.

meghan markle and her dog guy© Photo: Instagram

Meghan Markle with her dog Guy

"Meg's dog, her beat-up little beagle, was even more beat-up of late," Harry wrote of when Meghan first moved to the UK with Guy. "He was badly injured. Days before Meg left Canada, Guy had run away from his minder. (Meg was at work.) He'd been found miles from Meg's house, unable to walk. His legs were now in casts," Harry wrote.

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The Duke of Sussex went on to detail how he cared for Guy, holding the hound so it could go to the bathroom. Harry shared that he realised how much he loved Meghan at this very moment.

"I didn't mind in the least. I loved that dog," Harry shared. "I couldn't stop kissing him, petting him. My intense feelings for Meg spilled over onto anyone or anything she loved."

meghan markle emerging from a lake© Photo: Netflix

Meghan with Guy and Bogart

Harry went on to share that Meghan's love of animals helped her bond with King Charles and Queen Consort Camilla on their first meeting.

"Meg talked about her two 'fur babies,' both of whom were rescues," Harry wrote. "Guy had a particularly sad story. Meg found him at a Kentucky kill shelter after someone abandoned him in deep woods, without food or water. Beagles, she explained, were put down in Kentucky more than in any other state, and when she saw Guy on the shelter's website she fell in love.

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"I watched Camilla's face darken. She was the patron of Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, so these kinds of stories always hit her hard. Pa too. He couldn't bear to think of any animal suffering."

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Guy is still a firm fixture in Meghan and Harry's life, plus in August 2022, the couple adopted a seven-year-old old rescue beagle named Mamma Mia, who joins Guy and their black Labrador, Pula.

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