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Biggest bombshells from Prince Harry's autobiography Spare

The Duke of Sussex's memoir will officially be published on 10 January

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Danielle StaceyOnline Royal CorrespondentLondon
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The Duke of Sussex has made a series of bombshell revelations in his long-awaited memoir, SpareThe autobiography was accidentally released in Spain five days early, and HELLO! obtained a copy of the Spanish edition of Harry's book.

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Previously leaked extracts of Harry's autobiography had already been released by The Guardian newspaper, in which he details a physical altercation between him and older brother, Prince William, at Nottingham Cottage in 2019. Another leaked excerpt shared by Page Six also sees Harry claim that William and Kate allegedly approved of him wearing a Nazi uniform to a costume party in 2005.

Revelations include:

  • The moment Prince Harry was given the news of Prince Philip's death
  • Prince Harry brands Prince William his 'arch-nemesis'
  • Harry's last conversation with the Queen before her death
  • Prince William and Princess Kate were fans of Suits
  • Heartbreaking details about when Harry learned of Diana's death
  • Harry believed Diana was in hiding for years
  • The royal brothers asked their father not to marry Camilla
  • His admission at taking cocaine at the age of 17
  • Accuses Camilla of leaking stories to the press

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The 557-page book is divided into three parts and features only three black and white photographs.

The first part entitled The Night That Surrounds Me shows a close-up image of Harry with his arms around his late mother, Princess Diana. 

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The second part - Bloodied, but not down - contains a photo of Prince Harry in his uniform giving a military salute, while the third chapter - Captain of my soul - features a shot of Harry and wife Meghan embracing one another.  

A dedication at the start reads: "For Meg, Archie and Lili... and of course, my mother."

Buckingham Palace and Kensington Palace have both declined to comment on the book.

A copy of Prince Harrys book on sale in Spain© Photo: HELLO!

En La Sombra is already on sale in Spain

The Queen's personal phone call to announce the death of Prince Philip

Harry begins his memoir by detailing the sad moment his grandmother, the late Queen Elizabeth II, told him that his grandfather, the Duke of Edinburgh, had passed away.

He reveals that he woke up to 32 missed calls at his US home. 

The Duke was among the 30 attendees at Prince Philip's funeral service in Windsor in April 2021. Lockdown restrictions at the time meant a strict limit on the number of people allowed to attend. 

Prince Harry at Prince Philips funeral in 2021© Photo: Getty Images

Prince Harry walked in the procession at Prince Philip's funeral

Prince Harry calls Prince William his 'arch-nemesis'

In one extract from the book, Harry refers to William as his "beloved brother and arch-nemesis".

When questioned about the quote in an clip from an interview Good Morning America's anchor Michael Strahan, the Duke responded: "There has always been this competition between us, weirdly. I think it really plays into or always played by the 'heir/spare'."

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Prince Harry details last conversation with the Queen

The Duke shares some touching and poignant details about his last conversation with his late grandmother four days before her death. Harry, who was already in the UK at the time and was staying at Frogmore Cottage, says he spoke to the Queen on the phone during her break at Balmoral.

The pair discussed the chaos going on at Downing Street at the time, the Braemar Games, which the Queen had wanted to attend, but couldn't, and the unseasonable drought in the UK, with Harry joking that the grass was like his head - bald with patches. 

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Prince William and Princess Kate were fans of Suits

The Duke of Sussex wrote how his brother, Prince William, and sister-in-law, Princess Kate reacted when they learned that he was to go on a date with Meghan Markle.

The royal couple were 'mega fans' of Suits and they couldn't believe that Harry was about to date one of its major stars.

Prince Harry on the moment he learned of his mother Diana's death

Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car crash in Paris in August 1997 and in his memoir, Harry opens up about the devastating moment he learned of his mother's death.

The Prince, who was 12 at the time, reveals that his father Charles sat on the end of his bed, calling him "dear son" and explaining that there had been a car accident and that Diana had not recovered from her injuries. 

Harry says that he did not cry and that his father did not hug him, but instead put his hand on his knee and told him that it would be ok. He realised that Charles had already broken the news to his brother William. 

Prince Harry believed Princess Diana was in hiding for years after her death

The Duke says that for years he thought his mother was in hiding following her tragic death.

In one excerpt, he writes that he admitted his thoughts to William, after his older brother missed a yearly ski trip to Klosters because he hated posing for photographers. Harry claims that William told him he also believed the same.

Prince Harry didn't want King Charles and Camilla to marry

Princes Harry and William at wedding of Charles and Camilla© Photo: Getty Images

Princes Harry and William at wedding of Charles and Camilla

Harry revealed that both he and his brother had asked their father not to marry Camilla. Sharing his first impressions of his stepmum, the Duke described her as "calm or bored" and expressed his concerns that she would be like an "evil stepmother" though he conceded that she wasn't.

After the meeting, the brothers said they would "welcome" Camilla, but Harry shared that they both asked Charles not to marry her.

Prince Harry took cocaine when he was 17

In one candid moment, Harry admits that he took some cocaine and that a journalist threatened to publish a photo of him using the drug.

He explained that following the death of the Queen Mother he was offered a line during a hunting trip when he was 17. He also detailled a journalist threatening to expose it by threatening to publish a photograph of the Duke before admitting that it didn't exist.

Prince Harry accuses Camilla of leaking stories to the press

harry camilla© Photo: Getty Images

Harry accused Camilla of leaking stories

In one of the more explosive extracts, the Duke accuses his stepmother and Angela Kelly of leaking stories to the press, including details of a hunting trip he went on in Germany.

Harry also reveals that he had the backing of William, and that the Prince of Wales confronted her with Harry present.

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