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Top aesthetic procedures: the treatments trending in America right now

HELLO! spoke to Miami-based medical aesthetician Amy Peterson of Skincare by Amy Peterson to find out the most popular treatments in her sought-after clinic

Attractive young woman is getting a rejuvenating facial injections at beauty clinic. The expert beautician is filling female wrinkles by botulinum.
Melanie Macleod
Melanie MacleodWellness Editor
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When it comes to trends in the aesthetics world, it often pays to look to America to see which treatments are set to be big news in the coming years.

With 2024 just around the corner, we spoke to Amy Peterson, one of Miami's most in-demand medical aestheticians, for her insider knowledge on the biggest trends in treatments in the US right now.

Clients fly to Miami especially to see Amy, so she's an oracle when it comes to the hot procedures that everyone is talking about. "I have a lot of clients from New York and I also have clients from Seattle that fly in to see me.

Woman in white top© Olga Miljko
Amy Peterson is an in-demand aesthetician in Miami

"We also have clients from the UK that come see us when on holiday in Miami, specifically for treatments that are unavailable in the UK such as EON and Renuva."

 Here Amy shares what we can expect to be big news in the aesthetics world in 2024.

US trending treatments: body contouring, skin smoothing and plumping

"In my clinic there are three treatments that people are booking in for on repeat right now. EON, the world's first touchless robotic laser for body contouring, the Ultraclear Laser, which is the first cold ablative fractional fiber laser to target fine lines and wrinkles, and Renuva, a bio regenerative injectable derived from stem cell technology that can help naturally restore fat loss where fat cells once used to be," Amy shares.

"These three treatments are popular because they are completely different from anything on the market- they are the first of their kind. 

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"Nothing has been available on the market that compares to these three treatments which makes them extremely popular. You get the scientific innovation combined with excellent results."

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EON: The one-off fat-blaster

"An alternative to fat-freezing, this device uses a touchless robotic laser to cause apoptosis (death of a fat cell), where we have only seen freezing in the market up to now.

"You only need one treatment and as long as you can pinch an inch of fat in your flanks or abdomen area, you are a candidate for this treatment. It is also relatively pain free."

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Renuva: The natural skin plumper

"Renuva is an injectable which is not a manmade synthetic injectable product like traditional hyaluronic based fillers. It uses a matrix of adipose derived stem cells to help regenerate new fat cells where fat cells once used to exist.

"As we age, we lose skin volume every year. Renuva is the most natural and effective treatment to restore volume loss available on the market and can be used in the face, neck, décolletage, breast, and buttocks, wherever you've lost natural fat."

 Ultraclear: To improve skin laxity

 "Ultraclear is a cold ablative laser that enables tissue coring (removal of tissue) to improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and skin laxity."  

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Aesthetics trend 2024: Prejuvenation

"I think prejuvention is going to be HUGE in 2024.

"Prejuvenation essentially means investing in proper skincare and aesthetic treatments to help promote collagen production and strengthen the skin barrier, so you stay one step ahead of ageing.

"This will see us taking a pre-emptive rather than reactive approach to ageing. These new advancements and solutions to the ageing process are fairly new, only debuting in the last few decades. 

"My mom didn't have access to doing preventative treatments- it didn't exist.  I think the goal will be how can people age as best as they can and researching which treatments they should be doing during that journey as opposed to reaching 65 and feeling like you're in crisis mode trying to 'correct' everything.

 "Maintenance and prevention will be the new goals."

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