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Jane Seymour, 72, wows in plunging swimsuit for pool photos in Malibu

James Bond icon Jane Seymour looks better than ever in HELLO!'s exclusive photoshoot at her home in Malibu

Jane Seymour in a pink swimsuit in a pool
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Jane Seymour opened the doors to her incredible Malibu home, inviting HELLO! to frolic in the grounds with her, as she shared how she maintains her unreal figure at 72.

Posing in a striking pink high-cut swimsuit, Jane looked sensational as she splashed in her swimming pool, explaining her refreshing approach to fitness... watch our exclusive video with her below, and read on for her secrets to looking incredible.

WATCH: Jane Seymour invites us inside her gorgeous Malibu mansion

How does Jane Seymour exercise?

"I'm not one of those obsessive exercise people," Jane shares. "I used to be a dancer so my body remembers its muscle tone, it comes back pretty quickly if I do some stretches and some of the basic bar moves that I used to do when I was a ballet dancer."

Jane Seymour in a pink swimsuit and kaftan
Jane Seymour has a refreshing approach to ageing and surgery

What does Jane Seymour eat?

Jane Seymour's healthy diet is likely responsible for her gorgeous figure, with the James Bold siren eating a Mediterranean diet and fasting to maintain her toned physique.

"I do intermittent fasting, unless I have to work very early in the morning on a film and I feel I need the extra energy. I generally give my body 16 hours minimum to recoup. I think it works brilliantly. I've seen it work for me but I'm not religious about it. If I'm going out for a glorious dinner, everything gets thrown out the window," she says.

Jane Seymour smiling in a swimming pool
Jane Seymour looks brilliant at 72

Jane's approach to ageing is inspiring, too. "The world is against ageing. We hate ageing. We look at ageing and we go, 'Oh, no, there's a wrinkle, oh my God. Get rid of it. Grey hair. No. Terrifying!'

"Whereas you can look at it the other way and you can say actually, 'I now have time in my life to do things I really want to do. Maybe I can now become the person I want to be.'"

Has Jane Seymour had cosmetic surgery?

Jane is happy to admit she opts for tiny tweaks to maintain her fresh-faced visage, rather than surgical procedures.

"I'm a temporary enhancement person, rather than a permanent enhancement person. If I need eyelashes, I stick them on. If I need more hair, I clip some in," she says.

Jane Seymour poses at home for HELLO! shoot
Jane Seymour poses at home for HELLO! shoot

"I know that the privilege of being in the spotlight is they put light on you in the right direction. So, I know that if someone wants a photograph of me and there's a top light and it's in an office that I will look like death."

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On her personal aversion to Botox, Jane says: "Because I'm an actress, I am sometimes required to play roles much younger than me and then in the same show very much older than I am, so I keep my face mobile. That's why I don't do the things a lot of people are doing because I'm a blank canvas. I'm an actress. I want to be able to play every emotion there is because it would be like having a string instrument and taking a few of the strings off or numbing them."

We think Jane looks amazing!

Photographer: Jonas Mohr 

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