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How to be a natural beauty like Kate

20 October 2009
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Kate Middleton remains a suitably regal companion to Prince William, maintaining a dignified distance from the media glare while also always ensuring she looks impeccable when the camera does catch her – natural and beautifully groomed without ever going over the top. Here’s how to capture that naturally groomed look with the minimum of effort…

1. Foundation’s a must to make skin seem naturally flawless, but it must blend in seamlessly to look like your own skin. Test it against your jawline rather than the back of your hand to find the right shade. Particularly runny liquids may give you a ‘glow’, but you’ll need a thicker formulation to even out patchiness and discolouration – pigmentation problems or redness in particular.

2. Unless your skin is oily, applying powder on top will make you look too ‘finished’. Instead, carry around a compact or powdered papers - available from The Body Shop and Shiseido - to mop up shininess that builds up during the day and apply only where affected.

3. Cream blush is great for a flush of colour that makes you look more healthy than obviously sculpted. Blend lightly over the apples of the cheeks only.

4. If you do nothing else, fill in brows which defines and lifts the entire face and instantly makes you look more groomed.

5. Eyeshadow’s unnecessary for a natural look. And you can skip mascara, too, if, instead, you ring round the lashes with a smudged line of brown or grey eyeliner - black’s too dramatic and sultry - which really makes eyes stand out and look bigger.

6. Match your lipstick to your lip colour so it looks natural, but enhanced. And rather than sexy gloss, add a touch of balm on top for a natural finish.

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