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Slimmer in seconds: YouTube sensation Tanya Burr gives HELLO! Online a contouring masterclass

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She is a blogging sensation with a highly successful Youtube channel that attracts three million people a month seeking beauty tips and advice. So I was delighted to meet Tanya Burr, a 23-year-old make-up artist from Norwich. Sweet and super friendly, the talented beauty expert set about contouring my face while breaking down the process into simple steps to help you have a go at home.

Championed by megastar Kim Kardashian, who Tanya deems 'a contouring pro', the trick is sweeping the showbiz world. "Contouring really sculpts the face and makes you look instantly slimmer," says Tanya. “It helps gives a more defined bone structure. "When you apply foundation to your entire face, it becomes a blank canvas. So, it is critical to go back and add the dimensions back in." Tanya likes to prep the skin with Nelsons Pure & Clear natural skincare range. Then, after applying primer and foundation or tinted moisturiser, depending on how light or heavy you like the look, she picks a contouring shade to suit your skin colour. Using Harmony by MAC, Tanya advises to “suck in the cheeks, as this will show you exactly where your cheekbones are. "Sweep a little contouring powder with a large brush just underneath the cheekbones, moving from the hollows of the ears to the middle of the cheeks. "Make sure, though, that you blend in circles to give a natural shadow and avoid the stripe effect."

She points out that you can also apply a small amount of powder to the jawline to create a stronger jaw. The highest point of the shadow should meet the highlighter, which brings us to the next step. "Dark colours push back," says Tanya, "while light colours bring forward. There is where highlighter comes in, to accentuate the cheekbones for extra definition. "I recommend applying highlighter to the brow bones and along the cheekbones." Tanya uses Cream Colour Base in Pearl by MAC, but I have fairly pale skin so she advises you make an effort test out the different shades of highlighter to make sure they suit your skin tone. "Take it on your middle finger and blend along the cheek bone. Make sure there are no distinct lines." Blush is the final step in the process. Tanya suggests not to overdo it with your blusher, noting that subtle is best.

"Take only a little powder onto the brush – I don’t like using heavy blusher as I think it can negate the effects of the contouring. "Smile with your lips closed to bring out the apples of your cheeks, and dab with the powder." Et voila! Contouring complete, I am taken aback by the effect a bit of make-up can have – my face looks slimmer and I can actually see a defined bone structure - hurray! Tanya uses Nelsons Pure & Clear natural skincare range to prepare her skin before putting on make-up and to leave her skin the way nature intended, pure and clear. For more information, go to Or visit the Facebook page.  

To find out more from Tanya, visit her Youtube channel.

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