Who's that girl? Lady Gaga goes make-up free

Lady Gaga looks unrecognisable in a new photo she posted to a website this week.

With long dark hair, no make-up and her head tilted to the side, the bare-faced singer stares intently into the camera.

“It’s a scary thing to revisit those things underneath,” the Born This Way star wrote alongside the candid snap. “All I found was raw passion.”


The picture should come as no surprise to the star’s millions of fans – who she affectionately refers to as her 'little monsters' - who have long followed the changing face of the pop icon.

The self portrait, set against a white wall, reflects a blank, perhaps new, canvas for the American songstress.

The singer, who recently had her hip operated on, has been out of the limelight since February to recover.

The picture was posted to fansite littlemonsters.com and shows the star with a pale complexion and light blonde – barely there – eyebrows.

The 27-year-old looks slighter than she has in recent months, her white t-shirt appearing to fall off her shoulder to reveal a pronounced collarbone.

After new video footage leaked online of her latest ARTPOP project, it has been suggested that the picture was taken on the day of filming.

“ARTPOP as they pry the single from my bleeding fingers,” the singer wrote. "Start the music.”


In the brief, 23-second clip now available, the artist locks eyes with the camera unblinking, holding a metal hand.

The singer announced she would be collaborating with several artists on the album.

It is also rumoured that the album will include a social media component to explore her “existence as a cultural interface.”

The project would reportedly allow users to “share in the adrenaline of fame” by creating their own projects and sharing them with each other.

While the album and multimedia project are not due to be released until the end of this year, the single will be available from 19th August.